All of you hackers can now go wild with your Microsoft XBOX 360

Hackers rejoiced last night when "Commodore4Eva," the hacker who previously released the news of original XBOX 360 DVD firmware hack, has released a downloadable version of the XBOX 360 firmware hack. The Xtreme firmware is currently only available for the “TS-H943” XBOX 360.

This firmware modifications boasts that installers of the binary can boot all game backups from both XBOX 360 and the original XBOX and also the original copies of both XBOX system games. This mod also allows the XBOX's drive to work under Windows without any hardware conversion or adaptors, if such a thing seems interesting. forum posters claim that Microsoft can probably detect if the firmware has been installed, which may be a large deterrent for those interested in giving it a shot.

There is a basic tutorial that was posted on that goes through the steps on how users can flash the DVD drive on the console. After the flash is completed the firmware then tricks the media check for the XBOX system and gives the system an all-clear signal.  To do all of this you need a PC with a compatible drive that can hooked up to through a SATA to XBOX's Toshiba-Samsung DVD drive.

All of the original links to the firmware downloads have been removed at time of publication, but it seems as though enough people downloaded the links to set up mirrors and BitTorrent links.

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