HTC Sensation XE  (Source: AndroidCentral)
Thee is no mention of the Sensation XE coming to the US

HTC has announced a new smartphone this week called the Sensation XE, and it represents a healthy upgrade from the original Sensation.

The Sensation has a 1.2GHz processor under the hood while the new 
Sensation XE upgrades that with a 1.5GHz offering and runs Android 2.3. The big new feature is the Beats Audio that is integrated into the smartphone. The Beats Audio hardware and software inside the phone is paired with special Beats earphones. When the Beats earphones are plugged in the hardware and software for better sound is automatically activated.

"Audio is a crucial part of any consumer's mobile experience and we are continually pushing the audio boundaries to encompass not only improved voice but music, movies and games," said Jason Mackenzie, president of global sales and marketing, HTC Corporation. "The HTC Sensation XE offers a truly incredible experience that demonstrates our commitment to place consumers at the center of their mobile worlds."

The special headphones also have an inline remote for controlling tracks and volume and a mic for phone calls.

Other than the 1.5GHz processor and Beats Audio tech, the new HTC Sensation XE also gets a higher capacity battery as well. The smartphone will ship with either an 8GB or 16GB microSD card.

The phone will land in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia this September. There is no word on when/if the Sensation XE will come to America. 

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