HP Blackbird 002 on its stand, capable of withstanding up to 600 lbs  (Source: HP)

The HP Blackbird 002 opened up  (Source: HP)
HP's new Blackbird 002 is the result of the a year's worth of collaboration with Voodoo PC

HP and Voodoo PC are set to unveil the fruition of their efforts after the acquisition of Voodoo PC in the form of a new enthusiast oriented gaming machine next week  – the HP Blackbird 002. The new HP Blackbird 002 sports a completely new chassis design, built from the ground up for looks, performance and versatility.

The new Blackbird 002 chassis features a completely aluminum chassis sporting a wedge-shaped design. HP’s Blackbird 002 features a hover design, where the chassis sits on a cast aluminum stand for a hovering look. The cast aluminum stand raises the chassis off the ground to provide airflow to the system’s 1100 Watt power supply mounted at the bottom of the chassis. The stand can also support up to 600 pounds, allowing users to stand on the system or set a couple concrete blocks on it.

HP touts the Blackbird 002’s superior thermal capabilities. The Blackbird 002 features a sealed, maintenance free water-cooling system. The water-cooling system cools the processor and graphics cards while keeping the system quiet. HP also touts the chassis’ isolated design, keeping every component chamber isolated and preventing hot air from contaminating the cool air stream.

The chassis also features a completely tool-less design, allowing owners to remove or replace all components without the needs of any tools. HP equips the Blackbird 002 with plenty of lighting. The chassis features accent and task lighting, according to Mark Solomon, lead designer, HP Gaming. Accent lighting highlights certain aspects of the Blackbird 002 such as the stand and front grille while task lighting highlights helpful portions of the case such as the chassis interior and rear ports.

The company claims it will equip the Blackbird 002 with industry standard components and the best components available.  The chassis will accommodate standard off the shelf components such as motherboards, video cards, hard drives and memory.  The system will also come with standard BIOS, allowing users to tweak and overclock the system to their liking.

Expect the HP Blackbird 002 to show up on HP’s online store immediately, ready to take on Dell’s XPS 720 H2C. Pricing can vary from $2,500 to $6,500 depending on configuration.

"It looks like the iPhone 4 might be their Vista, and I'm okay with that." -- Microsoft COO Kevin Turner
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