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HP's Slate 7 fails to impress

It looks as though the earlier reports were true: HP is getting back into the tablet game, and this time it's operating system of choice is Android. HP inherited the webOS operating system with its acquisition of Palm back in 2010, but did little to advance the platform in the face of stiff competition from Android and iOS.
Unfortunately, for those looking to once again give HP a chance in the tablet game, the specs for the new Slate 7 are very underwhelming -- even for its relatively low starting price of $169.
The Slate 7 comes with a dual-core, 1.6GHz Cortex A9 ARM processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage space (expandable via microSD), and a 1024x600 display. Other lackluster specs include Bluetooth 2.1, a front-facing VGA camera, and a 3MP shooter on the back. The device runs a stock version of Android 4.1.
The Slate 7 does include Beats Audio onboard and HP's ePrint functionality, but that's likely not enough to sway consumers from competitive offerings like the Google Nexus 7.


"To address the growing interest in tablets among consumers and businesses alike, HP will offer a range of form factors and leverage an array of operating systems," said Alberto Torres, senior vice president, Mobility Global Business Unit, HP. "Our new HP Slate on Android represents a compelling entry point for consumer tablets."

The Slate 7 will launch in the United States this April.

Source: HP

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Don't get it
By daveinternets on 2/24/2013 2:27:25 PM , Rating: 3
Why waste their time on Android? The market is flooded with (useless) options. It's not a business device, can't get work done on it. Windows 8, while it has downsides, would have at least made more sense from a company like HP. Leave the cheap Android tablet market to the other companies trying to find a niche.

RE: Don't get it
By nikon133 on 2/24/2013 3:21:30 PM , Rating: 4
There is something seriously wrong with HP these days.

A year or so back, you could not get Envy with decent IPS screen in New Zealand; Their beautiful slim MBP-like units were coming with mediocre 1366*768 TN panels, horrible viewing angles, limited gamma. There were no options to custom configure them either.

Even their Envy Spectre XT comes only with crappy panels, here in NZ. And that for NZ$2,000.00 on Same as HP ENVY 6 - 15.6" "premium" laptop with 1366*768 TN panel. As a comparison, 13" MBA starts from NZ$1,800.00 while Retina 13" MBP is NZ$2,200.00

Where is logic in that? Device that looks good only while turned off, but performs poorly (for intended purpose), with price on high end of Windows laptop market, that should compete with, say, Asus Zenbook which for comparable price comes with 1080 IPS panel, better battery life, equal build quality.

RE: Don't get it
By spread on 2/24/2013 10:44:06 PM , Rating: 2
HP sells shiny poop.

Even their website is a complete mess. They make things difficult because they don't want you to buy their products.

RE: Don't get it
By Wolfpup on 2/25/2013 12:23:11 PM , Rating: 2
Their site works fine for me. Not sure how anything they make is "shiny poop". Their prices are competitive and their configuration options are almost second to none now among big players. They're like Dell USED to have and now only has (at best) with their Alienware systems.

RE: Don't get it
By NellyFromMA on 2/25/2013 4:38:32 PM , Rating: 2
TRy getting support for their devices. Shiny Poop would be an upgrade.

RE: Don't get it
By xti on 2/24/2013 5:36:41 PM , Rating: 3
they have to have something...

everything is moving to ultra portable - they cant sit there and not have a single slice of the pie from non-x86 platforms.

RE: Don't get it
By Omega215D on 2/25/2013 2:46:07 PM , Rating: 2
They did... it was Palm's WebOS and their Pre. HP could've expanded that and be quite competitive. Instead they just dumped whatever they felt like dumping.

RE: Don't get it
By retrospooty on 2/25/2013 4:29:03 PM , Rating: 3
Yup... Another famous HP blunder. Pay over 1 billion dollars for Palm and its WEbOS, then put in zero resources and not enough time to do anything then call it quits on what could easily have been the best mobile OS ever. Its like Drafting RG3 and then sitting him on the bench for a year, then trading him away. WTF wass the point again?

If only WebOS had another 2 years to "polish" it up like IOS and Android, it would be the best OS on the market for the UI and task switching alone.

RE: Don't get it
By Reclaimer77 on 2/24/2013 7:25:10 PM , Rating: 1
Why waste their time on Android?

And instead waste their time on Windows 8? A product with no market share, anemic interest to the public at large, and a worst app market.

Plus Microsoft no doubt wants a ton in licensing fees, whereas Android is free. Making it easier to get products like this off the ground.

It's not a business device, can't get work done on it.

And this shows your true ignorance. False blanket statement is false. More people are doing work with Android devices than Windows 8 can even dream about at this point.

RE: Don't get it
By vignyan on 2/24/2013 8:04:07 PM , Rating: 3
Can you enlighten us about this "work"?

I personally use the surface and do not like the slowness (may be because of Tegra 3 or under optimized libraries for ARM). I believe the Intel clovertown based ones are snappier and have the best app market, contrary to what you think. All existing windows applications run on it. So, I can do my Office related work (yes a lot of people use office for their work) and connect to remote desktops and terminals(like other tablets). If need be, I can launch any custom windows applications like outlook, code writers, etc.
A USB port with support for all existing windows compatible devices is again a significant benefit.

Ofcourse, I know I am wasting my time (taking a break from my work) since haters gonna hate.

RE: Don't get it
By Reclaimer77 on 2/24/13, Rating: 0
RE: Don't get it
By Reclaimer77 on 2/24/2013 8:34:54 PM , Rating: 2
Another reason the OP's argument is dumb, is honestly, who does real "work" on a 7" tablet anyway? Please.

If you want to hammer this thing on anything, it should be it's horrible specs. Not what OS it's running.

RE: Don't get it
By NellyFromMA on 2/24/2013 9:57:54 PM , Rating: 2
Correction, we are in a post pc era so people no longer NEED Windows to communicate and browse the internet. Work, not so much.

RE: Don't get it
By nikon133 on 2/24/2013 10:58:28 PM , Rating: 2
Just because late Steve Jobs said that this is post-PC era more than a few times, doesn't make it true.

Off all our customers, every single one uses MS Office. There is just no way around it.

Yes, some of them use iPads and Androids. In most (if not all cases) that boils down to checking email and calendar while away from desktop/laptop.

And yes, some of them optimistically tried Docs To Go and other alternatives, and returned to using their Arm tablets for checking emails when away from desktop/laptop. Rest of work simply waits for them to go back to real computer.

We have recently presented Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 to one of our bigger customers. The whole works - tablet, dock, BT keyboard. If their response is any indicator, light Win 8 Pro tablets have potential to be huge with enterprise. While our customers in general were tolerating BYO for tablets, this is the first time company actually ordered handful of these Clover Trail tablets for trial. And since we know their needs, we are confident this will become part of their standard equipment, with HP EliteBooks and HP 6X00/8X00 Pros.

RE: Don't get it
By Reclaimer77 on 2/25/2013 8:57:51 AM , Rating: 2
Off all our customers, every single one uses MS Office. There is just no way around it.

On 7 inch tablets?

My point isn't this difficult to grasp. Again, the OP was just dead wrong.

RE: Don't get it
By kmmatney on 2/25/2013 12:14:12 AM , Rating: 2
They are selling a Win8 tablet - just Google "HP Elite Pad".

RE: Don't get it
By euler007 on 2/26/2013 1:24:49 PM , Rating: 2
It's not a business device, can't get work done on it.

Damn, I didn't get that memo, let me take back the android phones from the 20 employees that have them and give them iphones, mr Apple Shareholder.

not good enough
By GulWestfale on 2/24/2013 1:09:55 PM , Rating: 2
as the owner of a nexus 7, i have to say that this effort leaves me cold.
a stock android OS is great (if only everyone would use stock android instead of bloating up the system wit their stupid skins), a duallie CPU is alright for a small screen (it's not like you're gonna do video editing on it, right?), but the screen resolution is pathetic. i would have expected 720p at the very minimum.

this does not mean my nexus is perfect, i do have a few nits to pick:
- the screen's colors look washed out next to my AMOLED phone. an AMOLED tablet would be niiice.
- no video out. my phone can output video (including 5.1 surround sound) through the micro USB port, why can't my nexus?

both points could be fixed if google had aimed for a higher price point, i know. but i'd rather have an AMOLED csreen and a video out (or how about an SD card slot?) than a quad-core CPU that will never be used to its full potential.

RE: not good enough
By horseiicious on 2/24/2013 1:39:10 PM , Rating: 2
Sounds like you should've gotten a Galaxy Tab 7.7 instead of the Nexus 7 -

Could pick one up on ebay for around $250 brand new, or probably a bit less used. obviously it'd have to be used as wifi only, w/o a VZ sim/contract

RE: not good enough
By GulWestfale on 2/24/2013 4:22:27 PM , Rating: 2
ooh nice, didn't know that model existed. AMOLED and an SD slot, plus a second camera... but only android 3.2. still seems nicer than a nexus 7, i'll have to research that. Thanks!

RE: not good enough
By spread on 2/24/2013 10:46:22 PM , Rating: 2
Xda developers forum. I'm sure someone ported the new android to it. Maybe even the Cyanogen mod guys have done it.

Tough market
By Scannall on 2/24/2013 1:09:43 PM , Rating: 5
Tablets are a tough market to enter. Amazon, with the Fire and Google with the Nexus 7 have sucked all the oxygen out of the low end market. You can't compete with people selling at cost.

And for the high end, you need a *really* compelling product to knock off the iPad.

This tablet doesn't do any of that.

As the owner for a nexus 7
By tviceman on 2/24/2013 4:08:15 PM , Rating: 3
I really wish the 16:10 form factor for tablets would just die. I am not a fan of Apple, but I have to say after using various Android tablets and playing around with both a full sized iPad and the mini, the 4:3 aspect ratio is much more usable for everything non-video.

Anyways, 7" tablets need ultra-thin bezels. All tablets do could use the smallest bezels possible, but especially smaller ones since the bezel takes up a higher percentage of screen space.

RE: As the owner for a nexus 7
By Solandri on 2/25/2013 4:51:11 PM , Rating: 2
Blame the publishers. Your tablet already has a bezel. There's no need to add more margins to the content being displayed. But most publishers are stuck in the "I'm going to print this on paper" mentality and so include margins in stuff intended for electronic consumption.

If you remove the margins, Time magazine is 7x10, which is a 1.43 aspect ratio. National Geographic is 5.5x9, which is a 1.64 aspect ratio.

Resizing these to fit into a 4:3 iPad results in 93.3% pixel usage for Time, 81.5% pixel usage for Nat Geo.

Resizing these to fit into a 16:10 tablet results in 89.3% pixel usage for Time, 97.8% pixel usage for Nat Geo.

So on balance the 16:10 makes a more effective size. More so outside the U.S. where A4 paper is standard (taller and narrower than U.S. letter-sized). Also, both of these publish in two columns because it's difficult to read something that wide as a single column. If you reflow text instead of force the tablet user to see your publication as you want, 16:10 or even 16:9 single column is a more effective use of space.

Bleeds which cover the entire page would seem to fit 4:3 better. But they're almost exclusively pictures. Pictures shouldn't be fixed in an eBook. They should be resizeable with text flowing around them, zoomable to full screen. Most professional photos are shot with DSLRs, which retain the 3:2 aspect ratio of 35mm film. The iPad reproduces these with 88.9% of its pixels. 16:10 reproduces them with 93.8% of its pixels. So here too, 16:10 is superior.

So final scorecard (better fit bolded) is:

4:3 ....... 16:10
100.0% 83.3% - Consumer digicam/smartphone
93.3% . 89.3% - Time magazine
81.5% .. 97.8% - Nat Geo magazine
88.9% .. 93.8% - DSLR photos
75.0% .. 90.0% - 16:9 movie
82.4% .. 98.9% - golden ratio (google it)

You'll find a similar thing if you look at paperback book sizes (which is probably more relevant to 7"-8" tablets). The standard aspect ratio of a paperback page (including margins) is 1.5 to 1.6. Factor in the margins and it becomes 1.7 to 1.9. All my friends I've spoken to say the iPad mini is too wide and difficult to hold in one hand for extended reading. The iPad mini's size is close to the Reader's Digest format. But the only way to read those while holding them comfortably in one hand was to bend them.

Overall, except for faithfully reproducing paper periodicals and pictures/video conforming to the outdated NTSC/PAL format, 16:10 just works better. Right now we're limited by technology (mainly display and battery weight) to about 10" screens as a maximum size. but as technology improves and we get to 12" and 13" tablets with today's weight and battery life, 16:10 (plus a bezel) will really start to shine.

First impressions count.
By drycrust3 on 2/24/2013 4:04:10 PM , Rating: 2
"To address the growing interest in tablets among consumers and businesses alike, HP will offer a range of form factors and leverage an array of operating systems,"

Having been a critic of HP's policy to not produce anything along the lines of a smartphone or a tablet, I was hoping this was a good start, but the more I looked, the more I believe HP have put in less than I would have expected for a company with such a great history. For example, where are the other tablets and smartphones? Why the release of the "budget" tablet first? Surely there are higher spec phones in this "range of form factors"... or is this it? Why not release a more higher spec phone first? I think it was essential that HP got some reasonably good reviews, and a higher spec phone would have done that, but instead ....
I do feel 8 GB of storage gives the impression of HP being miserly when the standard smartphone comes with with 16 GB.
When you compare this phone to the Samsung Note 8 (with 16 GB storage), which Dailytech have an article on today as well, it seems there is way more "spec" information for the Samsung than this one. It's like Samsung are saying "We are proud of our NEW product", for example, their phone has a 4600 mAh battery, but HP? Nothing!
I just hope they aren't planning to launch on First April.

RE: First impressions count.
By fic2 on 2/25/2013 1:16:46 PM , Rating: 2
You keep saying this is a phone. This is not a phone. No where in the article does it use the word "phone".

Chinese tablets are so much cheaper
By ET on 2/25/2013 7:01:32 AM , Rating: 2
I don't mind paying more for the same spec from a reputable company and a warranty, but the price and spec difference is just too high.

For example, check "(CUBE) U21GT" at TinyDeal. (Can't post the full link due to spam warning. $127 (probably possible to shave a couple of dollars elsewhere) including shipping for a 1280x800 screen, 16GB Flash and the needed ports (microSD, micro HDMI). No back camera, but for those who want one it's possible to find a similar tablet with one for not a lot more.

The specs on these Chinese tablets keep getting better, and while they have their problems, I'm not sure the HP mentioned here is much better.

By fic2 on 2/25/2013 1:24:08 PM , Rating: 2
Dang. For $127 that is a nice spec'd tablet. But one review says, "you can't uninstall the Chinese apps that come with the device" which would probably not be good. I think if I was getting a no-name tablet I'd like to wipe it before I started using it. This also seems weird, "tablet needs to be switched on if you want to charge the battery".

By txDrum on 2/24/2013 12:38:08 PM , Rating: 3
They could have done better. Just look at a company like Asus. PC OEM gone tablet maker (and still makes killer PCs)

Not bad if they are trying...
By anactoraaron on 2/24/2013 1:53:46 PM , Rating: 3
to compete with the new standard kindle fire (non-hd). Specs are similar and there's no kindle os skin here. You have to assume that's the only goal with this tablet. Assuming you can have more and fit more in a retail price of <$200 is idiotic.

This isn't the next 'iPad killer" or 'premium android tablet'. This is simply an alternative to the standard Kindle Fire - and it includes a micro sd slot. If I didn't already own a 1st gen Fire I would give this a serious look (hate the lack of a micro sd slot). Competition in the low end is a good thing, no?

By bond007taz on 2/24/2013 7:14:57 PM , Rating: 1
so @ 169 with a microSD and a native Android - this seems to be a GREAT deal.

I would have a nexus tablet by now but the lack of microSD slot is a non-starter for me.

I dont know where dailytech got the picture from but the pictures from engadget show a "red" back, not a silver back. The pictures from cnet show a "matte" grey back, not like the one pictures on this site.

By retrospooty on 2/25/2013 10:25:54 AM , Rating: 2
"so @ 169 with a microSD and a native Android - this seems to be a GREAT deal."

I wouldnt go that far. Its a 1024x600 screen, pretty much par for that price range. With that said, putting out an "average" deal on a tablet is a surprise for HP.

By p05esto on 2/24/2013 11:08:30 PM , Rating: 2
Lame. Why wouldn't they put Win8 on this and make a low cost business tablet? iOS and Android are pretty much useless. Not that I have any faith in HP right now regardless.

Why so negative DT?
By DukeN on 2/25/2013 9:21:37 AM , Rating: 2
Companies like HP are in the business to make money, and this seems like a money maker to me.

Decent enough specs for the average user, and the price is attractive as it's the cheapest "list" price for a 7" dual-core tablet from a major brand.

If it's an IPS screen, this wins IMO.

Awesome that it's stock Android
By Wolfpup on 2/25/2013 12:18:15 PM , Rating: 2
I guess that means it'll get OS updates for as long as the Nexus does?

It's not mind boggling hardware, but if it's actually stock it becomes a real alternative to the Nexus 7, and the speakers might be better than on competing tablets (maybe).

IMO it's much more of a player than Samsung is...who wants a gooped up OS that gets updates late or never?

By CristinaHurt22 on 2/24/13, Rating: -1
By CristinaHurt22 on 2/24/13, Rating: -1
RE: !
By thesavvymage on 2/25/2013 1:52:25 AM , Rating: 3
Maybe you could take all that money you made and go to school. Might learn some grammar and spelling while you're there.

"Game reviewers fought each other to write the most glowing coverage possible for the powerhouse Sony, MS systems. Reviewers flipped coins to see who would review the Nintendo Wii. The losers got stuck with the job." -- Andy Marken

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