Apple introduces higher per episode fee for some HBO shows

While many users think of only music when it comes to Apple’s iTunes store, the store actually offers much more. Not too long ago Apple added movie rentals to the iTunes store that could be streamed through its Apple TV set-top box.

Apple is on mission to increase the offerings via it iTunes service and today Apple and HBO announced a deal that would place episodes of some of HBO’s most popular series on the iTunes service for purchase.

The first wind of the HBO and Apple deal began circulating yesterday with reporting that insiders close to the deal said an official announcement of the agreement could come in one or two weeks.

Atypically, the announcement came much faster than predicted with Apple making the official announcement today that HBO would be offering its premium programs on iTunes for purchase on a per episode basis.

After the parting of ways with Apple and NBC over the $1.99 flat rate per episode fee iTunes charges many will be surprised to hear that Apple is offering a new pricing plan for HBO shows.

Some of HBO’s less popular and older programs like “Sex and the City”, “The Wire”, and “Flight of the Conchords” will retail for the standard $1.99 per episode fee. However, the newer and more popular shows from HBO like “The Sopranos”, “Deadwood”, and “Rome” will be priced at $2.99 per episode. Entourage, arguably the best program in the HBO stable is not offered at this time. Season passes for HBO programs are available including the full “Sex in the City” 96 episode run.

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