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Gunmetal grey PS3 won't be a fingerprint magnet  (Source: Konami)

The "Hagane" MGS4 PS3 under lighting  (Source: Kojima Productions)
The limited edition steely PS3 is coming to North America

Console hardware coming in different colored plastic chassis is something that occurs throughout a system’s life cycle. Nintendo is known for its multitude of colors dating back to the Nintendo 64 and its Game Boy Pocket. On the other hand, Sony tends to be a little more conservative, sticking to black for its original models of PS2, PSP and PS3.

Thus far, the PlayStation 3 has only been offered outside of Asia in only black, but that will soon change with the introduction of a “very, very limited” edition color to celebrate the June 12 release of Metal Gear Solid 4.

Originally offered (and quickly sold out) through the Konami Japan store, the Metal Gear Solid 4 Limited Edition differentiates itself from its predecessors with its the "Hagane" or steel-colored exterior and matching controller.

While such limited edition consoles that arrive to commemorate the release of a blockbuster title are usually Japan-exclusive, Konami representatives confirmed yesterday that such a specially colored console will be coming North America.

Called “gunmetal grey” in color, the limited edition appears to feature a matte finish – something those who dislike the fingerprint-magnet polished finish of the current colors.

Konami did not reveal shipment numbers, packaging or any further details, but promised more information soon. If the special edition console will be anything like the Japanese version, then it will likely come with a DualShock 3 controller and Limited Edition of Metal Gear Solid 4. Also unclear at this time is the hard drive size and PS2 backwards compatibility of this model.

The “gunmetal” package shouldn’t be confused with the 80GB PS3 bundle Sony announced in February, which retains the same properties as the 80GB SKU that was packaged with MotorStorm.

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hm very very limited edition
By AnnihilatorX on 4/11/2008 6:01:00 PM , Rating: 5
I smell an upcoming ebay price inflation

RE: hm very very limited edition
By geddarkstorm on 4/11/2008 11:49:01 PM , Rating: 2
I smell upcoming ebay scams.

RE: hm very very limited edition
By ninjit on 4/12/2008 12:22:32 AM , Rating: 5
I smell doodie

RE: hm very very limited edition
By 306maxi on 4/12/2008 12:58:37 AM , Rating: 2
I smell a release of a limited amount of consoles only limited to the amount that Sony will be able to sell.

RE: hm very very limited edition
By martinrichards23 on 4/12/2008 6:10:26 AM , Rating: 5
I smell an upcoming ebay price inflation

I smell Gunmetal grey spray paint.

RE: hm very very limited edition
By nugundam93 on 4/14/2008 1:53:03 AM , Rating: 2
doing one in real carbon fiber/kevlar would be cooler. :)

RE: hm very very limited edition
By afkrotch on 4/14/2008 3:38:41 PM , Rating: 2
I want case replacements covers. I want blue, damn it!

By rockyct on 4/11/2008 6:02:54 PM , Rating: 2
I like the color. Too bad I still can't afford it.

RE: Nice
By VashHT on 4/11/2008 6:15:44 PM , Rating: 2
Agreed looks pretty sweet, but I already have the 60gb one.

RE: Nice
By bgm063 on 4/11/2008 11:40:41 PM , Rating: 2
Me too partner. And I don't regret having the 60GB version one bit. IMO, the best of all the PS3 SKUs. Although it would've been nice to get a game or movie, but oh well...

RE: Nice
By Polynikes on 4/12/2008 11:34:32 AM , Rating: 2
I'd rather buy a 60GB on ebay and get the full backwards compatibility.

RE: Nice
By BMFPitt on 4/13/2008 9:44:31 AM , Rating: 2
Looks better than the ugly green Halo Edition XBox 360.

I'm still a fan of non-shiny black like the Elite, but not enough that I would pay extra for it.

This is my que to buy one finally
By Soldier38 on 4/11/2008 10:50:44 PM , Rating: 2
I will have my Gf get me one of these as a early bday present! Love the color scheme! I fell in love with MGS on PS One and this will make it full circle!

RE: This is my que to buy one finally
By the goat on 4/12/2008 2:57:02 PM , Rating: 1
Close but no. It would be full circle if you had fallen in love with Metal Gear on the NES or MSX2.

By StormEffect on 4/12/2008 3:24:03 PM , Rating: 2

Why "Limited Edition"?
By cyyc009 on 4/11/2008 10:00:58 PM , Rating: 2
I love the concept of this new PS3, but why does it have to be a limited edition system? Why doesn't Sony offer it as a continuous, side-by-side option with the black PS3 to those potential PS3 buyers who already have enough fingerprints on their plasma displays?

RE: Why "Limited Edition"?
By Reclaimer77 on 4/12/2008 7:37:45 PM , Rating: 2
Well if you factor in the cost of a can of spray paint, and compare that to the increase in price these will be, there you have it.

They probably will STILL lose money on every sale..but meah.

By OPR8R on 4/11/2008 8:17:54 PM , Rating: 3
I'll say one thing for Sony: they do a good job on asthetics...

Look at the Wii and XB360... They come in white and beige-ish (unless you go with the XB360 Elite$$$).

PS3 already comes in black and soon you'll be able to get it in another cool color?

This is just like their TV's. They might cost a small fortune but they're really nice looking sets.

One very sexy beast
By qdemn7 on 4/12/2008 3:32:15 AM , Rating: 2
I definitely want one. Hope they aren't so limited that scalpers drive up the prices.

By dare2savefreedom on 4/12/2008 11:58:13 AM , Rating: 2
the thing that holds me back....

Is the question whether or not madden 2009 or nhl 2009 will have increase performance to 60fps?

Very nice.
By rsasp on 4/12/2008 4:56:40 PM , Rating: 2
awesome, now that system can match up the color with my xbox360 elite :D

By fuser197 on 4/13/2008 6:56:17 PM , Rating: 2
Wow, that is one nice looking PS3, too bad most games I'm interested in are also available on the 360.

By Moebiwankenobi on 4/11/2008 7:09:57 PM , Rating: 1
I'm not a MGS fan boy but I am a console color fan boy :) I want one...bad.

By Egglick on 4/12/2008 2:00:47 AM , Rating: 1
This is about as groundbreaking as all the info in those celebrity gossip magazines.

RE: Wow!!!!
By retrospooty on 4/12/08, Rating: 0
By Locutus465 on 4/11/08, Rating: -1
RE: bc?
By nbachman on 4/11/2008 5:25:12 PM , Rating: 5
Also unclear at this time is the hard drive size and PS2 backwards compatibility of this model.

RE: bc?
By daftrok on 4/11/2008 7:01:28 PM , Rating: 1
I think B.C. will disappear by the holiday season now that PS3 exclusives are coming out this year. But no biggie. I'm sure in a year or two PS2 games will be fully software emulated so you can play it on your PS3 (and PSP crosses fingers).

RE: bc?
By BansheeX on 4/11/2008 8:10:38 PM , Rating: 2
I've always suspected that Sony might throw resources at this around the time they kill off the PS2. If the 360 can do it for xbox, then it should be far more likely for the PS3 to do PS2 emulation, as the PS2 is technologically older than the xbox.

Won't be as good as hardware, but it could reach 95%. Why didn't they do it for launch? I would guess that they need time. It won't be easy.

RE: bc?
By Alexvrb on 4/11/2008 8:59:59 PM , Rating: 2
Buddy, how powerful a system is doesn't have all that much to do with how difficult and resource intensive emulation of said system is. A Saturn is harder to emulate than a Dreamcast, and requires a faster machine. The biggest factors are how complex the emulated system is, and how similar the architecture is to the enviroment you're emulating it on.

AFAIK the "software emulation" PS3 models are only partially software. They lost the EE but they still have the GS. Full software emulation of the PS2 with good speed and compatibility will be difficult, for sure. The whole reason they included the chips in the first place was that they couldn't produce a satisfactory software/partial software solution in time.

RE: bc?
By walk2k on 4/11/2008 8:07:23 PM , Rating: 2
the Japanese version was "40GB" but I don't know if that's the same 40GB as they sell here (that has no BC, no memory card slots, and only 2 USB)

Major upgrade
By crystal clear on 4/12/08, Rating: -1
RE: Major upgrade
By Parhel on 4/13/2008 1:50:29 AM , Rating: 2
I don't buy it. It sounds so similar to the hype that surrounded the Cell processor a few years ago. Plus, nobody really knows what nvidia or AMD (or Intel for that matter) have up their sleeves. I don't think the major graphics players are going anywhere.

RE: Major upgrade
By crystal clear on 4/14/2008 5:38:22 AM , Rating: 2
If you read carefully the press release(the portion marked in bold)-

including products for SCEI's PlayStation computer entertainment systems.

Then it very obvious that Toshiba gets priority over all others.

Sony & Toshiba together have plenty of their own products from laptops to a long list of digital products.

If you read again carefully this portion(in the press release)-

Toshiba will further boost the performance and cut the power consumption of the SpursEngine, towards supporting further innovation in products offering new levels of functionality.

RE: Major upgrade
By slunkius on 4/14/08, Rating: -1
RE: Major upgrade
By afkrotch on 4/14/2008 3:41:00 PM , Rating: 2
The RSX is an Nvidia product. Not sure how Nvidia is going to be out, seeing as they make the graphics engine for all PS3s.

"If you can find a PS3 anywhere in North America that's been on shelves for more than five minutes, I'll give you 1,200 bucks for it." -- SCEA President Jack Tretton

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