Google Singapore Data Center  (Source: Google)

Robot sculpture stands guard in Singapore data center  (Source: Google)

Google Taiwan Data Center  (Source: Google)
Google opens its first Asian data centers

Google has announced that its first data centers in Asia are now up and running. This milestone comes two years after Google announced its plans for the new data centers in Taiwan and Singapore.
Google says that while it has been building its new data centers, internet use in Asia has boomed. The number of internet users in India has doubled from 100 million to 200 million people – a milestone that Google says that milestone took six years within the U.S.

Google's datacenter in Taiwan
Google's data center in Taiwan is in Changhua County and is about three hours down the coast from Taipei. The data center occupies 15 hectares of land, has 100-meter tall wind turbines located in the industrial park, and is said to be one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly data centers in Asia.

Google's multi-story datacenter in Singapore
Google says that the long term expanded investment in this Taiwan location will reach $600 million.
The data center in Singapore is smaller and rather than spreading it out, Google built upwards. The facility is Google's first urban multi-story data center. 

Source: Google

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