Search engine companies are working hard to try and operate properly in China

Google's decision to censor material for the restrictive Chinese government has been a rather unpopular move, and has brought a lot of criticism.  Google CEO Eric Schmidt, working hard to defend the company against criticism, recently held a press conference aimed to clear a few things up.  Schmidt announced the creation of a research center that will create products for the international market.

Along with publicly announcing the research center, he stated that Google's Chinese-brand name is "Gu Ge," which means "Valley Song." -- a name the company picked because of its "rural traditions."  Google e-mail and blog services will likely not be introduced to Chinese users, because those services would increase the likelihood of Google having to turn over personal information of its users to the government.  The Seattle Times writes: 

"We have all made commitments to the government that we will absolutely follow Chinese law. We don't have any alternative," Schmidt said at a news conference.

Because China is second only behind the United States in the number of users online, search engine companies are willing to agree to restrictions that would not sit well in the US.  Some Internet users believe that it is okay for the companies to filter search results, but it is absolutely despicable if Google and Yahoo turn over information to the Chinese government.

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