Google’s voice typing technology updates adds support for 30 more languages including countries from Africa, Asia and Europe.

Google’s extension with voice technology to develop speech recognition capabilities for these new languages, was combined with human labor and Googles machine learning technology. According to Google, the newly added support for the Voice typing update works with native speakers in collecting speech fragments by requesting them to read common phrases. This action successively helped to develop Google’s machine learning models to recognize the sounds and words of the new languages to enhance their accuracy when they are being exposed to numerous examples over time.

The new languages include:
Amharic (Ethiopia), Armenian (Armenia), Azerbaijani (Azerbaijani), Bengali (Bangladesh, India), English (Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania), Georgian (Georgia), Gujarati (India), Javanese (Indonesia), Kannada (India), Khmer (Cambodian), Lao (Laos), Latvian (Latvia), Malayalam (India), Marathi (India), Nepali (Nepal), Sinhala (Sri Lanka), Sundanese (Indonesia), Swahili (Tanzania, Kenya), Tamil (India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia), Telugu (India), Urdu (Pakistan, India)

Sources: Flipboard, Tech Crunch

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