New app is Google's answer to the loss of native iOS support

In early August, Apple announced that it would be discontinuing native support for YouTube with the launch of iOS 6. Instead of going through an app, users will now have to view YouTube videos using the included Safari web browsers.
With iPhone users losing access to the native app, Google has announced the launch of the new YouTube app for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. The video streaming company also says that a version for the iPad will be coming later. No further details are offered on an iPad version of the official YouTube app.
The YouTube app was built by Google engineers with the promise of giving iPhone and iPod touch users the best mobile experience possible. The app will give users access to tens of thousands of videos from professional music videos to user made content YouTube is famous for. The app also has a new YouTube channel guide.
By swiping a finger on the left edge of the screen, the channel guide will open allowing access to all your subscribed channels on YouTube. The app also has a new search tool that gives suggestions while you type and makes it easy to sort through videos or channels. The search also allows users to sort through related videos, comments, and additional information while watching video.
The YouTube app also has more ways to share the videos you find including support for Google+, Facebook, twitter, e-mail, and text messaging and the app. The new YouTube app is available for download on the App Store right now.

Source: YouTube

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