Algorithm will help Google make Captcha easier for people while securing websites more effectivly

Google has been capturing images of homes and business around the world for years using its Street View technology. One of the things that Google does to pinpoint the images on the map is to decipher street names, and numbers on buildings and homes that are snapped by Street View vehicles.

Google says that the ability to make sense of the numbers in the images has been improved with a new algorithm that it has developed. Google says that its new algorithm is able to detect and read difficult Street View numbers with 90% accuracy.

Google has also found that its new algorithm can be used to beat annoying CAPTCHA images that feature distorted text and colors. CAPTCHA images are used by a number of websites around the world to ensure that a person (and not a bot) is setting up an account or entering a site.

With the new algorithm, Google found that its automated process could decipher those text puzzles with over 99% accuracy. That is more accurate than many humans that sometimes need more than one attempt to correctly answer a CAPTCHA question.

Google wrote on its online security blog, "It’s important to note that simply identifying the text in CAPTCHA puzzles correctly doesn’t mean that reCAPTCHA itself is broken or ineffective. On the contrary, these findings have helped us build additional safeguards against bad actors in reCAPTCHA."

Source: Google

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