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Steve Jobs effect on the tech industry is still being felt

Many were anxiously awaiting the announcement of the Galaxy Nexus smartphone on October 11, as the smartphone will spearhead the launch of Ice Cream Sandwich (the next version of Google's Android mobile operating system). However, both Samsung and Google have decided to postpone the event.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus [Source: SlashGear]
Earlier today, the two companies issued this joint statement:
Samsung and Google decide to postpone the new product announcement at CTIA Fall. We agree that it is just not the right time to announce a new product. New date and venue will be shortly announced.
However, later today, a Samsung spokesperson confirmed that the reason for the delay was out of respect for Steve Jobs:
We believe this is not the right time to announce a new product as the world expresses tribute to Steve Jobs's passing. We do not have information on the rescheduling of the event.
Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs died on Wednesday at the age of 56. He battled pancreatic cancer and later received a liver transplant. Jobs temporarily left Apple on medical leave three times to address his health concerns. He vacated his duties as CEO of Apple in late August, handing over the baton to Tim Cook.

Source: CNET

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Publicity win-win
By The Raven on 10/7/2011 2:53:00 PM , Rating: 3
Speaking as a consumer:
Google and Samsung, knowing that anymore publicity for Apple (which has reached the saturation point) won't hurt their own business, get a bit for themselves via such a story. Nicely played. Very Apple-like if you ask me...use the news outlets as commercials.

I mean it sounds nice but we all know that these companies will all stab each other in the back given the necessity. Otherwise Samsung would drop their lawsuits against Apple out of respect for Steve, right?

At any rate, I just hope the cult of Jobs won't live on very much longer.

Speaking as a human being:
RIP Steve

RE: Publicity win-win
By ClownPuncher on 10/7/2011 3:04:57 PM , Rating: 2
I wouldn't care, as a business.

RE: Publicity win-win
By vol7ron on 10/7/2011 8:18:15 PM , Rating: 3
Yeah, what The Raven doesn't understand is that there are several factors:

    - sales will be greater when you can gain focus of a larger customer base
    - you gain points by being "sincere" and respectful
    - there is friendship in competition; even if your business is against another, you can still respect and honor your competitor; it doesn't mean you stop existing, you just pay tribute

RE: Publicity win-win
By Totally on 10/7/2011 3:19:49 PM , Rating: 5
Actually it's the opposite, Competing for the space, death of a prominent figure of the tech world or the launch a new product, which one one is going to win, hrmm...if you don't want crappy sales, better delay that shit.

RE: Publicity win-win
By NellyFromMA on 10/7/2011 3:35:34 PM , Rating: 3
It's actually interesting that you were downrated, because you're partially right... interesting, but not surprising..

It's definitely both a little respect and intelligent marketing.

No reason to downrate the guy for it.

RE: Publicity win-win
By AssBall on 10/7/11, Rating: -1
RE: Publicity win-win
By The Raven on 10/7/2011 5:38:24 PM , Rating: 3

And no I wasn't downrated by DT. I'm guessing people who don't know how to read (even if it was written by a drunk 16 y/o lol). It is just a comment attempting to tell it like it is and I guess some people don't like that. I simply don't think this is *all* about respect for Jobs. If it was, a simple Google Doodle would suffice. But apparently they couldn't whip one up fast enough (duckduckgo to the rescue!

RE: Publicity win-win
By The Raven on 10/7/2011 5:41:01 PM , Rating: 1
Great, I am the one who can't read. I thought he was replying to me lol.

RE: Publicity win-win
By AssBall on 10/7/2011 6:30:26 PM , Rating: 1
I'd rate you up if I hadn't already added to the thread, lol.

RE: Publicity win-win
By drycrust3 on 10/7/2011 3:37:03 PM , Rating: 2
My guess is this has little to do with publicity, or with the thought of more or less sales, but is just a reflection of the high regard Job's was held with at Google.
It was nice to see the recent comment by Bill Gates, who also held him in very high regard.

RE: Publicity win-win
By The Raven on 10/7/2011 5:43:11 PM , Rating: 5
It was nice to see the recent comment by Bill Gates
Yeah even my copy of Windows stopped working out of respect!

RE: Publicity win-win
By MartyLK on 10/7/2011 9:42:12 PM , Rating: 3
LOL...mine's been respecting Jobs for a long time, then.

RE: Publicity win-win
By spread on 10/9/2011 12:17:07 AM , Rating: 2
If you knew how to use a computer it would be up and running by now.

RE: Publicity win-win
By Bostlabs on 10/11/2011 11:22:54 AM , Rating: 2
He's holding it wrong. Wait, it's a Desktop or Laptop. ummm..

You're looking at it wrong?


By curelom on 10/7/2011 3:19:11 PM , Rating: 3
Most likely the product was going to be delayed anyway due to production or other issues. They saw the opportunity to exploit Steve Jobs to hide the true reasion for their delay.

RE: Delay
By bug77 on 10/7/2011 3:36:56 PM , Rating: 2
Well, it that was true, they could just not release that teaser yesterday.

RE: Delay
By tlbj6142 on 10/7/2011 3:48:56 PM , Rating: 2
"The dog ate my homework" was taken so this was their next best idea.

RE: Delay
By Mitch101 on 10/7/2011 4:30:40 PM , Rating: 3
Our dog partially ate and destroy my daughters homework once. He was trying to get the lunch out of her backpack and destroyed her homework assignment in the process.

RE: Delay
By ScotterQX6700 on 10/7/2011 5:51:45 PM , Rating: 2
Agree 100%

RE: Delay
By TSS on 10/7/2011 6:12:01 PM , Rating: 2
To be fair, that's about the best tribute you can give to Steve Jobs and Apple.

By FaceMaster on 10/7/2011 2:51:36 PM , Rating: 5
Maybe AMD will jump on the bandwagon and use this as a reason to delay bulldozer for even longer :P

RE: Excuses.
By Mitch101 on 10/7/2011 3:05:39 PM , Rating: 3
Laughed about that. I heard the bulldozer delay was so AMD could have more product on hand for the launch instead of what might appear as a paper launch but who knows what the truth is.

Samsung is a Korean company and this is quite a respectful move putting differences aside. I have a lot of respect for Samsung. Not just for this but for many things as a company they are accomplishing. They have my customer respect.

RE: Excuses.
By theapparition on 10/7/2011 3:36:34 PM , Rating: 2
The real reason is Google, not necessarily Samsung. Many Google execs will be attending Jobs' funeral, and wouldn't be available for CITA.

So I've read.

RE: Excuses.
By AMDftw on 10/7/2011 3:45:15 PM , Rating: 2
I hope to hell not. I'd be pissed off, but at the sometime some what understanding.

RE: Excuses.
By FaceMaster on 10/8/2011 3:30:49 AM , Rating: 1
I hope to hell not. I'd be pissed off, but at the sometime some what understanding.


By B3an on 10/8/2011 7:58:01 AM , Rating: 2
Even in death Jobs continues to be an annoying c***.

RE: Great
By Tony Swash on 10/8/2011 7:31:05 PM , Rating: 1
Even in death Jobs continues to be an annoying c***.

It's even worse than that. Before he died Steve Jobs invented a gigantic and powerful mechanism, called Apple, that is going to annoy you into the far future.

Apple have only just started to really take off :)

RE: Great
By B3an on 10/9/2011 6:06:05 AM , Rating: 1
Dream on Tony.

And Jobs didn't "invent" Apple, he co-founded it with Wozniak. You know, that guy with the actual brains, who invented and built the first Apple computer himself.

RE: Great
By Tony Swash on 10/9/2011 7:35:54 AM , Rating: 1
Dream on Tony.

And Jobs didn't "invent" Apple, he co-founded it with Wozniak. You know, that guy with the actual brains, who invented and built the first Apple computer himself.

Don't be obtuse. I am, of course, talking about Apple V2, the version Jobs created after his return in 1997. The version whose products dominate the market. The one that is the most valuable tech company in the world. The one that keeps doubling in size. The one that scares you. The one that is not going away but is just starting it's real take off. That one :)

RE: Great
By p05esto on 10/9/2011 11:39:24 PM , Rating: 2
LOL, I respect Steve Jobs greatly....but please, only shleps buy overpriced and underpowered Apple products. There were better MP3 players out there, better phones, better tablets, and obviously better computers. Apple wasn't first with a single product, they invented nothing. Sure, they captured the lemmings and made many of these products popular, but they invented nothing new here.

RE: Great
By rcc on 10/10/2011 5:16:21 PM , Rating: 2
Hmm, so, short form.

Once again, any one that doesn't like the products that you do... is a sheep (or shlep).

Very poor reporting here
By seagull7 on 10/9/2011 10:07:46 AM , Rating: 2
Nowhere in the two press releases does it state that the delay is "out of respect for Steve Jobs". Please reread the press releases.

From a merketing standpoint it makes no sense to announce a product when the public is distracted by an event.

By Freeseus on 10/13/2011 5:26:03 PM , Rating: 2
Convenient excuse.

"When an individual makes a copy of a song for himself, I suppose we can say he stole a song." -- Sony BMG attorney Jennifer Pariser

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