New wizard generates code needed to display headlines on websites by keyword

It's not such a good time to be a website owner, but it's an even worse time to be in print publications. The global economic downturn has left many print magazines and newspapers with significant money issues as advertising funds dry up and production and delivery costs increase.

At the same time, advertising money for some of the smaller websites online is drying up as companies move ads to websites that can deliver more return on their advertising investment. Google has been able to keep growing in the current economy. The search giant is now announcing a new program that it hopes will help bring more profits to websites.

Google announced that it is now offering a new Google News service that allows site owners and developers to integrate its Google News feeds into their websites. The new program uses an online application called NewsShow Wizard to generate custom HTML that can be integrated into a website.

The news headlines that the wizard generates are based on keywords entered into the Google application when generated. Google doesn’t make money from its Google News service directly. However, the hope is that increased traffic from listing the news headlines on more websites will result in more clicks to Google's text ads that are common to most websites online.

Google's Adam Feldman said in a blog post, "The world is a quickly changing place and it's getting harder and harder to stay on top of the news. With this in mind, we've just released a Google News-based element for Webmasters and developers. This makes it easy to integrate headlines and previews from Google News into any Web page, and for newspapers to reach new audiences across the Web."

The reason Google doesn’t generate direct income from Google News is that it doesn’t run ads on its news service. This is done to prevent any complaints that Google is trying to profit from copyrighted content.

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