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The Moto X is supposed to be unveiled later this summer

Motorola Mobility is looking to spend a healthy chunk of change on advertising for its upcoming Moto X flagship smartphone -- with the help of Google's deep pockets, of course.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Google's Motorola Mobility unit will spend as much as $500 million to market the device in the U.S. and overseas. 

This is a pretty significant amount, considering Apple spent $333 million and Samsung spent $401 million to market their smartphones last year in the U.S. -- and they're the two largest smartphone makers in the game. 

The Moto X is a big deal for Motorola Mobility since it's the first flagship smartphone being released by the company since it was acquired by Google last year. 

Google and Motorola Mobility are going to push the device hard with not only $500 million in advertising, but making the smartphone widely distributed. All four major U.S. carriers -- Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile -- will carry the Moto X, and it will even be available online for purchase. 

Moto X ads have already boasted that the smartphone will be assembled in the U.S. (Texas, to be exact), which is a huge draw over the likes of Apple -- which has iPhones assembled in China. 

While Motorola hasn't said much about features or pricing, details are starting to trickle. For instance, the Moto X will use its sensors to detect if a person is driving and offer to use voice commands for directions or to make a call. It will also sense when a user is trying to use the camera and bring up the camera app more quickly.

Aside from that, the Moto X will try to differentiate itself in the smartphone market by offering less bloatware and more hardware customization, such as colorful front and back panels and even engraving. 

As far as pricing goes, Motorola has said that it will be comparable to competitors like Apple's iPhone 5 and Samsung's Galaxy S4. These devices typically run $199 for with two-year contract and $599+ without. 

According to IDC, Motorola sold about 2.3 million smartphones in the first quarter of this year -- which represents 1 percent of the global market.

The Moto X is supposed to be unveiled later this summer. 

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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