A coalition of companies plan to help save energy and reduce greenhouse gases in the immediate future

Google and Intel recently announced they have launched a program to help save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by offering energy-efficient PCs and servers.  The "Climate Savers Computing Initiative" will help create new guidelines and efficiency goals for computers that control power consumption.  The coalition also hopes to save up to $5.5 billion in energy costs per year.

"Let's create a more efficient IT industry by driving up the efficiency of computers," said Pat Gelsinger, Intel Digital Enterprise Group vice president.

Dell, IBM, Lenovo Group, the U.S. Environment Protection Agency and at least 25 other companies, organizations and universities are participants in the coalition.  Each company and university will promote the program in different manners -- for example, Google will send users to participating company web sites.  An additional 15 or so companies -- including Sun Microsystems, Yahoo and the World Wildlife Fund -- openly support the Climate Savers Computing Initiative.

"Today, the average desktop PC wastes nearly half of its power, and the average server wastes one-third of its power," said Urs Holzle, Google vice president of operations.

According to a study released by the group, carbon dioxide emissions could be limited by as much as 54 tons per year -- the equivalent of 11 million cars.  To limit that level of carbon dioxide emissions, however, PC power supplies need 90% efficiency.  The group also hopes to raise energy efficiency by 50% within three years.

Supporting companies and organizations agree to purchase PCs and servers that meet energy efficiency standards.

Group organizers will soon launch a program aimed at educating consumers, other companies and governments about how to use technology more efficiently.

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