We all know about those smart speaker devices. Google Home and Amazon Echo are two of the more popular smart speakers sitting in homes are around the world.

Are these devices spying on us though?  For these speakers to be responsive to our voice commands, they have to be constantly listening. Nobody likes to talk to and not be listened to… just ask my wife.

 So, devices that offer voice-activation are constantly listening.  So, some believe that they are also recording conversations and storing that data somewhere in the cloud.  Apparently, at least with the Google Home, that is not the case.

According to International Business Times UK (IBT), Google engineers have revealed how the Echo works.  Google Home listens for the “Okay, Google” activation phrase to activate itself. It does record up to two-seconds of audio only which are discarded and never saved. 

You can tell that Google Home is listening by the four colored LEDs on the top.  Okay Google, now we understand.

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