Lots of new faces coming to Google this year  (Source: Google)
Many of the new workers will be on Android projects

Yahoo may be looking bad in the tech world with falling profits and employee layoffs, but Google is booming. Profits at Google are up and the search giant is set to go on massive hiring sprees to get new talent into its operations to help fuel growth.

Mercury News reports that Google announced this week that it would hire at least 6,000 workers in 2011. If it hits that number, 2011 will be the second biggest year for new hires in the history of Google. The company also says that about 2,000 of those new hires will be in and around its Bay Area HQ in California.

Google's Alan Eustace said, "The growth that we're seeing across a lot of different areas is really based on seeds we planted a long time ago. We made investment decisions a long time ago to plant the seeds in different areas, and the exciting part is those seeds are actually developing now." Eustace also noted that the hiring would be "pretty much across the board."

Google has also recently offered up the financial details for Q4 2010. The company raked in revenue in the quarter of $8.44 billion. That number represents a growth of 26% compared to Q4 2009. Profit for Q4 2010 was $2.54 billion amounting to $7.81 per share, up 29% from Q4 2009. 

Analysts are seeing Google’s hiring spree as a good thing. Rick Munarriz, analyst from The Motley Fool said, "Google was able to grow during the recession, which was something Yahoo wasn't able to do, and (Microsoft's) Bing (search engine) still isn't profitable, so from Google's perspective there is no reason to slow down."

Most of the new talent hired by Google in 2011 will reportedly go to work on Android while some of the new talent will end up at YouTube. 

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