Simon Prakash will be working on a secret Google project

A number of the biggest technology firms in the tech world and some companies that you wouldn't think of as technology firms are embroiled in the middle of a Department of Justice investigation into claims that they had agreements to not hire employees from each other. The problem with the no-poaching agreements is that it allegedly reduced the competition in the industry, thereby reducing salaries for technology employees.
An investigation is still ongoing and is focusing on Google, Apple, Pixar, Lucasfilm, Intel, Intuit among others.
Interestingly, Google has just now pulled off the wooing of the highest-level Apple employee it has ever hired. Simon Prakash was formally with Apple for eight years and was a senior director of product integrity. Prakash was responsible for the product quality across the entire Apple product line including iPhones, Mac computers, tablets and the whole works.
VentureBeat reports that Prakash will be working on a secret project at Google. Hiring Prakash away is a bit of a coup for Google since Apple is known near and far for product quality. Presumably, Prakash will be ensuring that Google products will have that same reputation. While it's not clear what Prakash will be doing, it would be easy enough to guess that he may have something to do with the Android products Motorola Mobility will be building.
The timing of Prakash being hired by Google and the DOJ investigation into the alleged no poaching agreement is interesting. We have to wonder if Prakash moving to Google will draw any more attention today than it would have six months ago.
One thing is certain, however, the Android product realm could use more quality and if Prakash is indeed working on that for Motorola Mobility and Google, this is a good thing for Android users.

Source: VentureBeat

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