Google Nexus  (Source: AFP)
Google will increase its presence in the mobile sector as it believes that is where the money will be

The rising popularity of smartphones could lead advertisers to shift away from PCs in favor of targeting mobile users, with Google and other companies ready to cash in.  

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and additional competing search engines have attempted to utilize the mobile Web, but very little money is made since advertisers haven't jumped into the mobile market quite yet.

"Google has bet big on mobile," said Vic Gundotra, Google Engineering VP, as he predicts search ads on mobile phones will eventually overtake PC ads.  The company said it has seen a significant increase in search traffic on phones as wireless service providers continue to market data plans to subscribers.

The Mountain View-based company will not only port over smaller versions of its popular desktop software, it will also begin development on mobile-based products only.  One such innovative app is "Goggles”, a new feature that will hopefully allow Android phone owners to take a picture and automatically complete a product search based on the picture.

Google has heavily promoted its open source Android mobile software, which has received praise but still has very little marketshare compared to Symbian, RIM, Apple, and other rivals. 

As Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint-Nextel, and T-Mobile continue to convince subscribers to sign up for data plans, there will be an even larger emphasis on mobile technology.  The number of third-party apps for each platform has significantly increased, with the trend expected to continue in 2010 and 2011.

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