Google launches new feature similar to Microsoft PowerPoint to Documents application

Google on Monday announced the launch of Presentations, a new feature added to Google Docs. The new feature allows users to easily organize, share, present, and collaborate on projects remotely in their web browser.

Presentations is listed alongside Google Docs spreadsheets and documents, which can be edited, shared, and published with the same interface. The new feature allows several collaborators to work on a slide deck simultaneously in real time.

Viewers can follow along with the presentations by clicking a link and can chat with each other through Google Talk as they are viewing the work being done.  Also, in order to make the presentation accessible to a wider range of users, Google can feature the presentation in 25 different languages.

"We hope the millions of people who already create and share documents and spreadsheets will find presentations a welcome addition to the Google Docs family, and we can't wait to add even more features and enhancements," states software engineer, Atilla Bodis.

Presentations is the Google method of taking on Microsoft PowerPoint. Though the feature does not have the same "wow" factor as PowerPoint, its strengths lie in the ability for collaboration by different people on the same projects and being able to share the presentation publicly or inviting people to view it.

Trying to decide between this and PowerPoint really comes down to what situation a user is in. If you want to use presentation software to have multiple people work on from different locations, use Google, but if you want the extra bit of visual appeal stick to PowerPoint.

Presentations has already launched and is a free feature with Google Docs.

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