People appear quite willing to accept fantastic (and obvious) lies as reality to justify their anti-immigrant/anti-refugee views

Piece of advice to would-be racist hate mongers -- at least make a half-hearted effort to disguise your troubled relationship with the facts.

You can not find a more perfect case and point than eternal noisemaker Glenn Beck's attempt at an anti-immigrant meme.  Early today he (or some hapless staffer) took to his Facebook, Inc. (FB) account to paste this seemingly compelling warning about the dangers of refugees -- even well screened ones.

Sadly, 49,000+ brave souls blindly accepted Beck's bull<substance> as reality.  No, they couldn't be bothered by their peers' insistent pleas that something wasn't quite right about this claim.

So what was wrong with this picture?  Notice anything amiss? (Hint: "thoroughlly (sic) vetted")

Glenn Beck

Oh that's right -- Nidal Hasan, aka the Fort Hood shooter, was born in America.  Or more specifically he was born in Arlington, Virg.  It takes all of 10 seconds for anyone with Google and a lumpy mass of gray matter in their skull to discover this amazing fact.

So who exactly "thoroughlly (sic) vetted" him?  The hospital staff in Arlington?  His mother's "birth canal"?

It turns out Beck has posted a compelling warning of sorts here.  He's posted a warning that he's willing to basically make up obviously invalid fantasies in order to try to push his agenda.

Glenn Beck finger point
Glenn Beck [Image Source: Business Insider]

Now I understand that it probably wasn't actually Glenn Beck who posted this.  But surely he hired whatever intern/temp/etc. cooked up this hot mess.  Then again, the enthusiastic if butchered spelling sort of suggests this is indeed the work of Beck himself who at times has struggled to spell the things he's warning us of...

But, hey -- in Beck's defense it's probably all too easy to lose your grip on the difference between your fantastic imagination and reality when you moonlight as a military fiction writer.

Then again maybe we shouldn't be cutting any breaks for someone who literally trashes on 9/11 victims ("I didn't think I could hate victims faster than the 9/11 victims." -- Glenn Beck")

Sadly there's a lot of this kind of stuff going around.  Buzz Po, for instance has a video entitled "This Is The Most Disturbing Muslim 'Refugee' Video You Will Ever See".  The only problem is that video itself is a curious mix of riots spliced around the world, science fiction films, and ridiculous statements like "a UN report says that Sweden will be a third world country in ___ years" (uhh....).

I mean, I would expect people might grow a bit suspicious at least when the majority of these unruly "refugees" in the film are in fact clearly of African descent. Those aren't Syrians!

But the really lovely discovery is that mixed into the video are snippets from the zombie film 28 Days Later.  Maybe they're suggesting the Syrian refugees are carrying the T-Virus?

Daesh (the so-called "Islamic State") clearly succeeded if its goal was to spread hatred and terror.  This is, of course, ironic because Daesh jihadis have shown themselves to be massive nincompoops time and time again.  But it turns out some of their Western marks may be even dumber.  Because these folks are so dumb that in the grip of intense fear bred out of the horrific acts of Daesh they will eagerly be hand-fed outright fabrications.  And then they will share these "facts" with their peers as reality in order to justify their fearful/intolerant/bigoted views towards people in need.

Should we be surprised?  Not if history has anything to say, at least.  A little over a half century ago in 1938, two-thirds of Americans surveyed in a major poll said they didn't want to accept Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany. Clearly America has grown ever-so-much-more compassionate since then.  Or not.  Sure Beck may have missed his true calling driving away desparate Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany nearly eight decades ago.  But he's making due with the refugees on hand.

(P.S. One of the most frustrating statements is "why don't the young men over there fight back" with the ops referencing the American War for independence.  Two words -- modern warfare.  Yes, a mob can still fight a well armed fighting force, but be prepared for a massive death toll.  OR if you don't want to die en masse become a refugee...)

Source: Glenn Beck on Facebook

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