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People appear quite willing to accept fantastic (and obvious) lies as reality to justify their anti-immigrant/anti-refugee views

Piece of advice to would-be racist hate mongers -- at least make a half-hearted effort to disguise your troubled relationship with the facts.

You can not find a more perfect case and point than eternal noisemaker Glenn Beck's attempt at an anti-immigrant meme.  Early today he (or some hapless staffer) took to his Facebook, Inc. (FB) account to paste this seemingly compelling warning about the dangers of refugees -- even well screened ones.

Sadly, 49,000+ brave souls blindly accepted Beck's bull<substance> as reality.  No, they couldn't be bothered by their peers' insistent pleas that something wasn't quite right about this claim.

So what was wrong with this picture?  Notice anything amiss? (Hint: "thoroughlly (sic) vetted")

Glenn Beck

Oh that's right -- Nidal Hasan, aka the Fort Hood shooter, was born in America.  Or more specifically he was born in Arlington, Virg.  It takes all of 10 seconds for anyone with Google and a lumpy mass of gray matter in their skull to discover this amazing fact.

So who exactly "thoroughlly (sic) vetted" him?  The hospital staff in Arlington?  His mother's "birth canal"?

It turns out Beck has posted a compelling warning of sorts here.  He's posted a warning that he's willing to basically make up obviously invalid fantasies in order to try to push his agenda.

Glenn Beck finger point
Glenn Beck [Image Source: Business Insider]

Now I understand that it probably wasn't actually Glenn Beck who posted this.  But surely he hired whatever intern/temp/etc. cooked up this hot mess.  Then again, the enthusiastic if butchered spelling sort of suggests this is indeed the work of Beck himself who at times has struggled to spell the things he's warning us of...

But, hey -- in Beck's defense it's probably all too easy to lose your grip on the difference between your fantastic imagination and reality when you moonlight as a military fiction writer.

Then again maybe we shouldn't be cutting any breaks for someone who literally trashes on 9/11 victims ("I didn't think I could hate victims faster than the 9/11 victims." -- Glenn Beck")

Sadly there's a lot of this kind of stuff going around.  Buzz Po, for instance has a video entitled "This Is The Most Disturbing Muslim 'Refugee' Video You Will Ever See".  The only problem is that video itself is a curious mix of riots spliced around the world, science fiction films, and ridiculous statements like "a UN report says that Sweden will be a third world country in ___ years" (uhh....).

I mean, I would expect people might grow a bit suspicious at least when the majority of these unruly "refugees" in the film are in fact clearly of African descent. Those aren't Syrians!

But the really lovely discovery is that mixed into the video are snippets from the zombie film 28 Days Later.  Maybe they're suggesting the Syrian refugees are carrying the T-Virus?

Daesh (the so-called "Islamic State") clearly succeeded if its goal was to spread hatred and terror.  This is, of course, ironic because Daesh jihadis have shown themselves to be massive nincompoops time and time again.  But it turns out some of their Western marks may be even dumber.  Because these folks are so dumb that in the grip of intense fear bred out of the horrific acts of Daesh they will eagerly be hand-fed outright fabrications.  And then they will share these "facts" with their peers as reality in order to justify their fearful/intolerant/bigoted views towards people in need.

Should we be surprised?  Not if history has anything to say, at least.  A little over a half century ago in 1938, two-thirds of Americans surveyed in a major poll said they didn't want to accept Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany. Clearly America has grown ever-so-much-more compassionate since then.  Or not.  Sure Beck may have missed his true calling driving away desparate Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany nearly eight decades ago.  But he's making due with the refugees on hand.

(P.S. One of the most frustrating statements is "why don't the young men over there fight back" with the ops referencing the American War for independence.  Two words -- modern warfare.  Yes, a mob can still fight a well armed fighting force, but be prepared for a massive death toll.  OR if you don't want to die en masse become a refugee...)

Source: Glenn Beck on Facebook

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By creathir on 11/18/15, Rating: 0
RE: Clueless
By StormyKnight on 11/19/2015 4:24:21 AM , Rating: 2
Ah, a post full of 'win'!

RE: Clueless
By phxfreddy on 11/19/2015 8:40:49 AM , Rating: 2
One more point: Why are you "Social Justice Warriors" conflating Jewish immigration with Islamic immigration?

At what point were there Jewish suicide bombers? Jewish hijackers?

We don't like Islam because it is 10th century stuff. We do like Jews because of Ashkenazi Jews like Einstein and Feynman.

RE: Clueless
By superflex on 11/19/15, Rating: 0
RE: Clueless
By superflex on 11/19/2015 1:30:37 PM , Rating: 1
Let me know when Israel opens up its borders to Syrian refugees.

This whole SJW "must accept the refugees" meme is promoted by Ashkenazi Jews.

Divide and Conquer, 2016.

RE: Clueless
By phxfreddy on 11/19/2015 2:14:00 PM , Rating: 2
I'm not a big fan of bankers whether they be Jewish or otherwise.

I am a big fan of the Jewish scientists. I can't see how you anyone who is interested in science and technology could not be.

RE: Clueless
By inperfectdarkness on 11/19/2015 2:21:49 PM , Rating: 1
This. Syrian refugees make the USA's problem with unchecked/undocumented/illegal Hispanic immigration...seem like a minor ripple. With Hispanic (and some other minority immigration) the worst to fear is their use of our public services & collecting a welfare dime.

The Syrian refugees, on the other hand, disguise something much more sinister. While--to be fair--the vast majority probably just want to live in peace and be productive members of their respective societies; their presence is a perfect cover to smuggle Daesh terrorists into western society.

That's a HUGE difference from German Jews in WWII. I'm usually excited to read what Jason Mick posts & attentive to his message, but he's beyond reaching here. SJW is a completely apt moniker for this article's tripe.

RE: Clueless
By phxfreddy on 11/19/2015 8:47:03 AM , Rating: 2
The Social Justice Warrior who wrote this article seems to be effectively making the case against Islam. Since Nidal was born in the USA and was under the influence one can logically deduce: Islam not equal Good

RE: Clueless
By MrBlastman on 11/20/2015 12:18:45 PM , Rating: 2
Islam is not good. It is the religion of pieces.

RE: Clueless
By phxfreddy on 11/19/2015 8:36:55 AM , Rating: 1
???? The author of this article uses the word "racism".

Now I have to say all this is about religion. Not race.

May I ask if this Mick character is a "Social Justice Warrior" ????

Well given his poor ability to understand a simple word it appears he is the true dunce of this story.

RE: Clueless
By Dribble on 11/19/2015 9:20:41 AM , Rating: 5
The facebook post says in big black letters "BEFORE BEING ALLOWED INTO THE US". He was never allowed into the US because he has always been there as a US citizen. It combines it with a photo of him looking American, and another where he looks like he's from the Middle East.

You know perfectly well what he's implying by that and it isn't vetting and background checks.

RE: Clueless
By fleshconsumed on 11/19/2015 9:36:25 AM , Rating: 5
You'd have a point if it wasn't for the actual quote in the photo that said: "THIS MAN WAS THOUROUGHLLY VETTED BEFORE BEING ALLOWED INTO THE US".

Ignoring the spelling error and all caps, Glenn Beck is not saying he was vetted by the army before being allowed into secure installations. He's specifically saying "BEFORE BEING ALLOWED INTO THE US" implying that the man was an immigrant. So no, Jason Mick is right here.

Now, granted, I don't really like what used to be a technical blog posting political pieces, it's kind of sad really, but leaving that aside, Beck is just being the usual lying hack that he is and his audience is lapping it up.

RE: Clueless
By SDBud on 11/30/2015 3:57:40 AM , Rating: 2
ONLY thing I can say here is..

You certainly are living up (down??) to your handle.

Well, I see no need to come to this site anymore.
By SaltBoy on 11/18/2015 6:24:42 PM , Rating: 2
What happened to tech news? See ya' folks

By msheredy on 11/18/2015 6:32:43 PM , Rating: 2
I guess since there's a Facebook reference it's considered "tech"

By phxfreddy on 11/19/2015 8:56:36 AM , Rating: 2
Well this is the DailyTech. From the comments you can see most people who read it are fanbois without a clue how science or engineering works. Appears many times the same goes for the authors. I mean seriously....Tiffany Kaiser ? ROFLMAO. That's a knee slapper.

By thestinkinggenius on 11/18/2015 6:39:36 PM , Rating: 1
I'm with you - what the hell does this have to do with tech. If I want to read about politics I'll go to a political site not DailyTech.

Jason you really need to step it up if you expect people to keep coming here.

By GeekWithFire on 11/19/2015 9:25:03 AM , Rating: 1
Daily Tech used to be on the list of site that I load first thing in the morning while drinking my coffee. Sort of my morning tech-breakfast before I make my rounds in the data center. In the last year, it's clear that Jason now has other priorities. Days without any updates....on a site that is called "Daily Tech"? And when you do post, it is this crap?

Come on Jason, either do it right, or just shut it down.

By GotThumbs on 11/19/2015 9:46:29 AM , Rating: 1
I agree.

I just deleted the DailyTech thumbnail from my browser.

I'm done with this site.

moving on to zdnet to read some tech news.

Peace OUT!

By superflex on 11/19/2015 1:35:38 PM , Rating: 2
I'm done with this crap site and Mick's non-sensical ramblings.

By DPigs on 11/19/2015 5:28:19 PM , Rating: 2
Yup. Bookmark deleted. Peace out.

By DiggsNC on 11/20/2015 3:34:11 PM , Rating: 2
I haven't been on the site in weeks and was wondering why this article was published here. I have been wondering what happened to the site, been a reader for years and remember when it launched and when it had quality content. Now it rarely gets updated and when it does it has little value or is political. I guess like most cable channels, they no longer have anything to do with what they originally set out to be (MTV, TLC....).

By f-this-site on 11/21/2015 4:12:00 PM , Rating: 2
Yep, been saying this site is done for a while now.

Just shut this sh!t show down now. The site is already a laughing stock!

I feel bad for Jason Mick. He'a a clue less clown who will always be remembered for 1000 images in a 10 word article, or so it seemed like!

Jason, why?
By Dorkyman on 11/18/2015 10:26:25 PM , Rating: 2
What the he11 are you doing? Okay, so the Ft. Hood shooter is not a good example. But Beck is in general a pretty good guy. And there is NO WAY we can vet "refugees" coming from Yemen--there's no database to use to vet.

And it's also bizarre that about 75% of the "refugees" coming to Europe are young Muslim males. Not families.

I do not want such "refugees" here in the USA.

Oh and by the way the decision FDR made in WWII to remove Americans of Japanese descent was a good one, given the intelligence and circumstances AT THAT TIME. It was a time of war and great uncertainty. It is grossly unfair to now employ Monday-morning quarterbacking. You had to be there.

RE: Jason, why?
By Bill S. on 11/19/2015 7:19:43 AM , Rating: 2
Not to mention, the Boston Marathon bombers were refugees too, weren't they? Look at how well that worked out for us!

Speaking of Massachusetts, anyone else wondering who decided to liberate 10 pistols and 6 rifles, from the obviously well secured Massachusetts National Guard armory? Congratulations to the absconders, as they are probably now the best armed civilians in that state!

RE: Jason, why?
By datdamonfoo on 11/19/2015 12:29:43 PM , Rating: 2

Not to mention, the Boston Marathon bombers were refugees too, weren't they?


RE: Jason, why?
By phxfreddy on 11/19/2015 12:38:07 PM , Rating: 2
Please don't quote Snopes. It's painful to see. They have a proven liberal bias. They are not useful to the discussion pro or con.

Does not matter if Tsarnaev's were refugees or not. It is a distinction without a difference. They should not have been in the country. We've let in too many immigrants.

RE: Jason, why?
By superflex on 11/19/15, Rating: 0
RE: Jason, why?
By phxfreddy on 11/19/2015 8:50:24 AM , Rating: 1
We're not obligated to take any refugees under any circumstances.

Unless you are some sort of creationist and think we have some sort of religious duty to do so.

So Mr Mick the "SJW" .... do you believe in evolution or not? Appears you do not. You appear to be a religious do-gooder.

RE: Jason, why?
By GotThumbs on 11/19/15, Rating: 0
RE: Jason, why?
By Piiman on 11/21/2015 8:24:10 AM , Rating: 3
" But Beck is in general a pretty good guy. "

No he is completely NUTS.

Death of DailyTech?
By ET on 11/19/2015 2:51:13 AM , Rating: 2
More like WeeklyNewsCommentary.

RE: Death of DailyTech?
By GotThumbs on 11/19/2015 9:41:24 AM , Rating: 2

"Proves He's Really, Really Dumb"

I personally believe this statement applies to Mick. Focusing on one person (Beck) and NOT the facts is Micks downfall.

IMO. Mick wasted time on this article and has started to push his readers to other sites ( that STICK with what we are interested in when we come to a tech site. Tech related articles, not opinion pieces.

I don't care what Mick thinks politically or socially, that's his business, but I choose to go else where when I want to read the news.

Epic fail Mick, epic fail.

RE: Death of DailyTech?
By KentState on 11/19/2015 6:22:19 PM , Rating: 2
Thanks for the site recommendation. I long for more tech articles and stuff like this turn me off. There are plenty of political cesspools and I try to avoid them at all costs. Sucks that Mick turned this into one of those.

RE: Death of DailyTech?
By GeekWithFire on 11/20/2015 11:36:55 AM , Rating: 2
I also read daily, but they are getting more "game-centric". But it is a shame really. It's not just about the content the but the format. I really liked DailyTech's 2 column layout. You could see many articles on one screen without having to scroll down through each article. I find myself getting distracted on the single column format and end up skipping things I would have otherwise read.

Why is this here?
By FastEddieLB on 11/19/2015 10:48:15 AM , Rating: 2
DailyTech, not daily politics. Why is this political opinion piece posted here, and why is it posted under SCIENCE? For the clickbait factor? My DailyTech RSS feed seems to have been really slow over the past few months, and the first update it gets in forever is this piece of crap? I don't come here to see editors make personal attacks against people, yet that's exactly what this is, and that's crossing a line.

I don't care about Glen Beck, he says his thing and I don't listen to him. This is America, he's entitled to what he says, it's his right. Whether or not I agree with it and whether or not he's factually correct don't matter. People will listen to him or they won't, and those who are smart enough can make their own decision without being influenced by editorial hit pieces, which basically makes this entire article a complete waste of space.

This has nothing to do with science (unless you mean political science) or technology aside the fact that what Glen Beck did was posted on the internet. If this was an article about some cutting edge new technology that congress was trying to shut down or raise up, that would be fine, but this is little more than a personal political rant. Your lack of professionalism is on full display here, Jason Mick. I'm done with this site.

RE: Why is this here?
By Wiggim on 11/19/2015 1:59:16 PM , Rating: 2
Ditto. This seems to be another step in a long downhill slide for the site. Very little daily tech and more and more rants on various topics: "True Beef or Sloppy Sausage?", "CNN Resorts to Internet Censorship", "Senior Twitter VP: Diversity is Important, But We Can't Lower The Bar". What happened to the old Daily Tech?

By StormyKnight on 11/18/15, Rating: 0
RE: Really?
By StormyKnight on 11/18/2015 9:20:28 PM , Rating: 1

Must be those 8 Syrians are upset. They could have come in as refugees for free instead of going to all that trouble to come up through our southern border...

But hey, I guess this makes me an islamophobic racist.

RE: Really?
By phxfreddy on 11/19/2015 8:52:59 AM , Rating: 2
Dwindling readership is right. Just took a look at the Alexa numbers. Not looking good for the DailyTech.

Racism is by race....not religion. Perhaps our failed doctorate candidate should consult with a dictionary.

By Gondor on 11/19/2015 3:15:53 AM , Rating: 2
And it worked, I bit :-)

By Norseman4 on 11/19/2015 10:22:00 PM , Rating: 2
Jason, all of these votes (apparently I have four for the topic) are down vote for your article.

DT hasn't gained a dime from me since you have been the sole poster. (ABP FTW) Masher was much better.

When DT replaces you, entirely, my ABP will no longer block the ads. (This means that you no longer get a dime, even from residuals.)

I THOUGHT this was a TECH BLOG...
By enlil242 on 11/19/2015 11:22:09 PM , Rating: 2
Instead, I realize DAILYTECH must be a GAWKER wannabe now ... Sigh, And another one bites the dust...

By Silvergoat on 11/21/2015 2:23:02 PM , Rating: 2
When did DailyTech become Dailydreck? Why is a 'technology' website posting a biased opinion piece about whether an ideological opponent is dumb?
I can go to the Huffington Post if I want to read this crap, not DT. Or is this the 'new & improved' idea of science & technology reporting? Please let me know so I can remove the bookmark.

By Indianapolis on 11/23/2015 10:24:31 AM , Rating: 2
In the past, the vast majority of people commenting on this site pretty much followed the Democrat/Leftist playbook. But the comments on this...article, or whatever it is...give me hope.

It looks like the Western world is finally waking up to the dangerous game their corrupt politicians, media outlets, and large corporations have been playing with immigration, and the people are not willing to commit a needless societal suicide.

The article is garbage, of course, but any reminder of Nidal Hasan, whose bloody massacre was enabled by the evils of political correctness and intellectual censorship, is always welcome.

Dangerous double standard
By Indianapolis on 11/23/2015 10:28:26 AM , Rating: 2
Notice how people like Mick never fact-check and nitpick any of the propaganda that our Islamist terrorists and their allies put out there. Mick and his friends reserve their scorn for those who would protect our right to continue breathing as "infidels".

By AdamAnon on 12/4/2015 6:58:29 PM , Rating: 2
Sorry, I thought this was a tech website.. Later.....

Jason Mick Needs To Be Fired
By Niteowler on 12/8/2015 11:15:48 PM , Rating: 2
Wow! This article is listed under science. I guess Jason Mick just couldn't help himself from pushing his own political agenda on a tech website. If you want to write for CNN or Fox News Jason, then go write articles there. People come here to read about tech and we don't care about who your trying to smear or your political bs.

Daily Propaganda
By kyleb2112 on 12/9/2015 3:18:27 PM , Rating: 2
I don't supposed DT noticed the US Sec of State using a home brew email server, which actually DOES have a tech angle, a security angle, is illegal, and was perpetrated by an active POTUS nominee?
That set any off blips on your highly tuned political radar, DT?
Let's see, quick search for "Hillary Clinton", and...NOPE. No story there. Nosirree...

Jason Mick - clueless.
By rdhood on 12/10/2015 3:10:19 PM , Rating: 2
I think the recent news has shown that those against illegal immigration and unvetted Syrian "refugees" are using common sense. To call citizens who demand adherence to the law "racist" is a liberal ploy to silence them, and you (Jason Mick) are officially a liberal tool.

There can be no national security without strict border control. That does NOT make me a racist. That is common sense.

By cyansky1 on 11/19/2015 2:04:41 PM , Rating: 1
Jason, I can tell you just hate Glenn Beck, only to the point of knowing nothing about him except what you want to know to support your crap thinking.

I guess that's why you MISSED that his organization Mercury One has raised over 12 MILLION DOLLARS to take Syrian refugees out of their hell hole of a country an into safe countries. All vetted by the locals who know them, by people risking their lives to find it out. All expenses paid, plus a new home, plus education, plus language lessons in their new country. Oh, and America has said no to Mercury One, they cannot bring them here to the US.

Yeah, he sounds like a total racist you fracking moron (Jason)! What have you done lately for the refugees Jason?

How about you actually listen to his show instead of listening to whatever internet trolls give you this crap to write pointless articles on.

By EricMartello on 11/19/2015 11:25:21 PM , Rating: 1
A blog post written by one of many self-righteous tools who think that their willingness to accept any "non white" invader into the USA, under the pretense of their personal boundless altruism and at the expense and of anyone but themselves, makes them "good people".

They then go on to delude themselves into thinking that they gain the moral authority to criticize the rational Americans that don't really want other countries' trash being dumped on our nation...whether it's a phony mob of refugees or illegal border-hoppers.

Truth: The only reason the leftist politicians want these muslims in the states is the assurance that they'll be a democrat voting block. We don't need them, nor do we need how about we send our democrats over to the mid-east?

Many of these so-called syrian refugees are likely not even syrian, but even if they were, they are not being persecuted nor is there an onus on America to bring them in...ESPECIALLY when plenty of people who are already here don't get taken care of.

Your precious "feelings" and faux compassion do not take precedence over national security, rational policy or the well-being of US citizens...and nobody needs whiny, self-absorbed nihilistic liberals telling them what our values should be.

"If a man really wants to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion." -- Scientology founder L. Ron. Hubbard

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