Say hello to the first dual Radeon video card

GeCube sends us word that the company has officially announced its Dual Radeon X1600 Gemini video card. The card is the first of its kind to feature two Radeon GPUs on a single PCB.  NVIDIA is certainly no stranger to multiple GPU PCBs, but these multi-GPU solutions require NVIDIA's SLI platform to run.  The X1600 Gemini is unique in the fact that it does not require Crossfire (or SLI) and that it will run on any PCIe motherboard.

GeCube accomplishes this bit of magic by putting a separate bit of core logic directly on the PCB.  GeCube would not release high resolution images of the card, but we were able to confirm that the design uses three processors: two Radeon X1600 GPUs and a third unnamed core logic tying the two together. 

The card features two DMS59 outputs -- meaning you can actually run four DVI (or four analog) displays from one card. 

ATI is currently co-developing the driver with GeCube for this card, and we should expect to see a retail launch sometime in late April.  ATI is expected to launch a new chipset, RV570, sometime later this year that will not require additional core logic to run in Crossfire mode.  Each RV570 chipset will have Crossfire on-die. 

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