Apple still has the most popular tablet

Gartner has published a new report looking at the state of the tablet market in 2013. The report shows that the overall tablet market grew by roughly 68% year-over-year. Not surprisingly, the top OS used in the majority of laptops told was Google’s Android.
Thanks to a 127% increase in sales during 2013, Android-based tablets now hold the top spot with 62% of the market. On the other hand, Apple’s iOS sits in second place with 36% of the tablet market. A distant third place goes to Microsoft with 2.1% of the market.
In 2012, the top tablet platform for the year was iOS with 52.8% of the market. At the time, Android held 45.8% of the market. Part of the reason for success in the Android market was that much of the growth for tablets in 2013 was for smaller screen devices selling in the low-end of the market (often sub $250). In comparison, Apple’s cheapest tablet offering starts at $299.

Google Nexus 7
"In 2013, tablets became a mainstream phenomenon, with a vast choice of Android-based tablets being within the budget of mainstream consumers while still offering adequate specifications," said Roberta Cozza, research director at Gartner.
"As the Android tablet market becomes highly commoditized, in 2014, it will be critical for vendors to focus on device experience and meaningful technology and ecosystem value — beyond just hardware and cost — to ensure brand loyalty and improved margins."
Android may have taken a significant lead overall in the tablet market, but Apple still has by far the most popular tablets. Apple holds 36% of the market for sales to end-users with Samsung talking 19.1%. Third place goes to ASUS, followed in order by Amazon and Lenovo to round out the top five. Those three firms had 5.6%, 4.8%, and 3.3% of the tablet market respectively.

Source: Gartner

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