Garmin Edge 705  (Source: Garmin)
The Edge 605 and Edge 705 GPS units are for all of the crazy cyclists out there

Most people tend to think about GPS units in cars or motorcycles, but Garmin and other GPS manufacturers are willing to cater to a growing sports community that is willing to spend money on high-tech gadgets.  The relationship between the athletic community and manufacturers is usually friendly, with the companies showing up at expos and races to promote their latest products. 

One of the biggest problems that develops is when a product is delayed - and it has happened again.  Cyclists wanting a shiny toy will be disappointed to hear that two of the most anticipated cycling GPS products for this holiday season have been delayed at least one month.

According to an article published on GPS Lodge, the Garmin Edge 605 and Edge 705 GPS units will be delayed from their expected December launch date to the first quarter of the new year.  Considering Garmin and other tech manufacturers partially rely on the Christmas holiday season to help boost sales, the delayed launch will likely irritate some consumers.  As a technology enthusiast who is willing to wait patiently for a better product, it is still disappointing to see a product be delayed until after the holidays.

Most people are familiar with the type of features consumers receive when purchasing a GPS unit for the car, but GPS products for cyclists have a few extra features that are not needed in other situations.  To accompany the expected the GPS, heart rate and cadence capabilities, both the 605 and 705 allow cyclists to wirelessly share saved rides and workout information with others.  The 705 also allows cyclists to see their power output -- measured in watts -- displayed directly on the screen, which I think is especially cool.

The Edge 605 will retail with a $430 price tag, while the Edge 705 will retail for $540.  The Edge 705 GPS unit remains on my wishlist of tech toys I want to own in 2008.

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