The Wait is almost over for the Galaxy Note 8. Samsung says a flagship smartphone is planned for second half of this year.

The general consensus is that the Galaxy Note 8 arrives each year in August or September.  While Samsung has not officially confirmed this in its press release, but they did elude to the fact that a high-end smartphone was planned for the second half of this year.  Currently the Samsung Galaxy S8 is out so under normal circumstances the next high-end smartphone must be the Galaxy Note 8.

The Galaxy S8 was an enormous success for Samsung.  It featured the world’s first Infinity Screen.  It is a display that stretches from edge to edge for the most screen in the least amount of space.  Unfortunately, there have been some complaints about this display cracking on the slightest of drops.  See my blog of April 25,2017.

Photo Source: Samsung

I highly recommend you get a protective case for the Galaxy S8 as well as the Galaxy Note 8 if you plan to get one.  


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