GM's EV could be a Volt with no range extender motor  (Source: GM)

Chevy Volt MPV5 Concept
GM plug-in hybrid SUV may show up next year

There are several pure electric vehicles on the automotive market today. The Nissan Leaf is one of the most popular examples. There are also a number of hybrids and plug-in hybrids as well including the Chevy Volt which is an extended range EV. The Volt can run on battery power alone for short in-town trips, but can also use its gasoline engine for longer treks.

GM is now hinting at possibly producing a pure EV to go along with its other future projects which include hydrogen-powered vehicles and plug-in hybrids. 

The hint was a rather vague one though -- GM's Dave Barthmuss was speaking at a conference and was asked what the chances were of getting a million EVs onto the road in California alone by 2020. Barthmuss said, "It could happen." He later said, "You’re not contemplating how many more we’re going to build in the coming years."

That statement was in response to someone in the audience asking how the million-car goal was possible with only 10,000 Volts being produced yearly.

Barthmuss also said, "We’ve always talked about looking into plug-in hybrids or taking the range extender out and making a battery electric. They’re all on the table." Barthmuss was then pressed on if a GM EV would be a new design or an existing platform. He responded saying, "Who knows? It could be a Volt and we could take the range-extender out. The range extender is a wonderful solution, but there are some folks who might want a full-functioning battery electric car. And we have to look at these questions globally."

A Volt minus the gasoline engine certainly sounds like the path GM would choose. Volt drivers are claiming they get about 1,000 miles on average between fill ups in the vehicle.

Barthmuss did state, "We haven’t said that we’re doing it, and we haven’t said we’re not doing it."

Brad Berman from Plugincars pressed Barthmuss on the plug-in SUV that GM talked up about the time it was peddling the Volt so hard. He replied to the question, "Are you going to the 2012 Detroit Auto Show?"

Bathmuss is likely referring to a production version of the Volt MPV5 that was shown in concept form last year.

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