The Cadillac ELR is priced at $76,000 while the BMW 6-Series Grand Coupe is $88,000

According to a new report from Wards Auto, GM believes the Cadillac ELR's pricing is competitive with vehicles such as BMW's 6-Series Grand Coupe -- which is $88,000.

“We think it is competitive with the vehicles in its class,” says Darin Geese, marketing product manager-Cadillac ELR/Chevrolet Volt at GM.

The Cadillac ELR is priced at $76,000 and has the Chevrolet Volt propulsion system inside. However, the 2014 Volt is priced much lower at a $34,185 MSRP ($26,685 after the federal tax credit). 

Critics have said that the use of the Volt's propulsion system should bring the price way down, but GM says that it wants to make the technology as widely-available as possible. It added that the Volt's system has become the "most-decorated" propulsion system in industry history.

“You would be crazy, as a manufacturer, if you didn’t use it in other applications,”  said Chris Thomason, chief engineer-ELR at GM.

Critics also say that electric vehicles are in a bad spot right now with Tesla's Model S coming under fire -- literally and figuratively. 

Earlier this month, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced that it will open a formal investigation into the recent fires associated with Tesla Motors' electric Model S. 

But the Model S is doing just fine with sales reaching 16,391 units through October, and expectations of more than 19,500 this year total -- and GM wants the Cadillac ELR to get in on that action.

Critics of the ELR's price further stated that the Cadillac brand's comeback hasn't reached a point where it can price vehicles as high as they'd like. 

Source: Wards Auto

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