GE hopes to work its way into a developing market

More time must pass before the United States can entirely switch to a digital health record system, but additional companies are hoping to accelerate the adoption of e-health records by offering new technologies and solutions.

General Electric is the latest to become involved in e-health, as the company unveiled the eHealth health care division.

Doctors and hospitals have more than $19 billion in incentives to switch to digital health records -- which should help accelerate the process -- but format, cost, and security issues remain.

GE's first monetary investment will be $90 million -- eHealth has a web portal, storage security software, and the LifeSensor personal health record program.  The company will offer eHealth to international doctors and hospitals, allowing people outside the U.S. to also offer e-health records.

Future features planned include patient health updates that alert doctors when their patients have been admitted to or released from the hospital.

Even though the federal government and some doctors strive to go digital, many patients still want to be assured the files will remain secure while in the cloud.  There have been several high-profile medical record data compromise cases in the past 12 months that highlighted security issues.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is now putting together a national e-health record database, which may outline how other companies modify their e-health systems.

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