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Tech Giant Offers Green Computing Solutions.

The environmental ethic is alive and well within the tech community as computer hardware and logistics giant Fujitsu Limited demonstrated with the announcement of their new Green Policy Innovation program. The goal is to leverage their dominant position in the world of IT infrastructure to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 7 million tons by the end of fiscal 2010. 

To do this Fujitsu plans to both reduce the environmental impact of the IT equipment they produce, and to provide IT based solutions that reduce the operational impact of business. The line distinguishing the two approaches is a bit gray, but the basic idea is to use efficient hardware to run a more efficient business. 

On the hardware front Fujitsu’s goal is to “reduce the environmental burden of IT infrastructure” by utilizing energy efficient systems. Examples of this include compact IT equipment such as blade servers and disc arrays. Fujitsu also offers high efficiency UNIX based servers and has even thrown its hat into the virtualization ring with Systemwalker Resource Coordinator Virtual server Edition. The potential of virtualization to create flexible, energy efficient workgroups through thin client solutions has been recognized by other mega companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and VMware, who all have virtual server products available. 

To reduce the impact of business Fujitsu offers a variety of solutions to optimize operations and conserve energy. The Green Infrastructure Solution is a new service that will help companies to design and implement more energy efficient data centers. Transportation costs for delivery vehicles can be reduced by using on-board logistics in combination with centralized management systems. Similarly, e-learning can eliminate unnecessary trips by employees for training. Recording and analyzing environmental performance data will help businesses implement their environmental strategy and measure the effectiveness of changes.  

To those who are concerned with the health of the planet’s environment it is good to see a company of Fujitsu’s stature taking a green stance and promoting the product’s profit benefits as well as its moral righteousness. A voice that earned $43.2 billion in revenue last year is one that will be heard by environmentalists and capitalists alike.  

It is nice to see that Fujitsu’s environmental agenda also includes at least one line concerning the chemical impact of their computer products. Fujitsu plans to implement a chemical management system, utilizing the company’s ECODUCE program. Introduced in 2000, the program aims to promote the Design for Environment (DfE) methodology, prompt spill containment, and environmental transparency within the company.

Ever since Al Gore’s movie swept the box offices, it seems like good old fashioned toxicity has been swept under the rug by the wave of global warming concern. But having worked to remediate the brown fields of the Brighton neighborhood in Boston, and watched contractors excavate a whole marsh polluted by the AstraZeneca corporation here in the Bay Area, I can say that contamination has a real and immediate impact that cannot be ignored because it effects us where we live and it is damn difficult, if not impossible, to clean up the mess. 

"Nowadays you can buy a CPU cheaper than the CPU fan." -- Unnamed AMD executive

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