This follows the 35-hour work week rule

Certain French citizens are being forced to power down when the work day is over, meaning employers must leave workers alone once they go home.

According to The Australian, a new French labor deal -- which is a legally binding deal signed by employers' federations and unions representing workers in the digital and consultancy sectors -- says that employees are to shut off work devices and avoid work emails after going home for the day.

The ruling applies to all companies in the technology and consultancy sectors. It was brought forth after a study found that 39 percent of workers and 77 percent of managers used their smartphones, tablets and computers for work purposes in the evenings, during weekends and even on holidays.

On the employer's end, they are not to pressure workers into checking emails or doing any extra tasks after the work day is over.

This rule follows a similar measure introduced in France in 1999, which stipulates a 35-hour work week. The idea was to reduce unemployment because employers would have to hire more workers to fill in the extra hours. However, it hasn't worked out so well -- unemployment in France is currently at 10.2 percent.

Nevertheless, French citizens seem to love the 35-hour work week and will likely hop onboard with the new "no work at home" rule as well. 

“We must also measure digital working time," said Michel De La Force, chairman of the General Confederation of Managers. "We can admit extra work in exceptional circumstances but we must always come back to what is normal, which is to unplug, to stop being permanently at work.”

Source: The Australian

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