Factory would build large LCD panels for TVs

Foxconn has been a major supplier to Apple for years, assembling a variety of gadgets including the iPhone and iPad. The U.S. is currently the largest market for the firm with it building gadgets for a number of major manufacturers including Sony, Microsoft, and Dell.
Reports indicate that Foxconn is now kicking around the idea of putting a factory in the U.S. According to a new report from the WSJ, Foxconn is thinking about building an advanced display manufacturing facility in the U.S.
Even if Foxconn chose to open a facility in the U.S., the majority of manufacturing would still take place in China and other counties. "Automation, software and technology innovation will be our key focus in the U.S. in the coming few years," said Foxconn chairman Terry Gou.

Foxconn CEO Terry Gou
The U.S. facility could reportedly produce screens larger than 60 inches. Gou says that it is difficult for the company to ship large TV panels to the U.S. from Asia making the move to the U.S. an attractive financial strategy. Foxconn had previously considered spending $40 million on a facility in Pennsylvania.
Foxconn is also looking to Indonesia as a location for manufacturing facilities in coming years. Indonesia has offered Foxconn up to 494 acres of land to build a factory there.

Source: CNBC

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