The only way to watch recently-aired episodes before the eight-day waiting period is to be a DISH Network subscriber

Fox Broadcasting has announced that its new episodes will no longer be available for free on the Web until eight days after they debut. 

According to Fox, the only way to watch recently-aired episodes before the eight days is to be a DISH Network subscriber. Other cable/satellite providers will be added to the list over time. 

For those of you who use Hulu to watch new Fox episodes of shows like "Family Guy" and "Glee," you must have Hulu's paid subscription service in order to watch them before the eight-day waiting period as well. 

Non-cable/satellite subscribers can watch the new episodes online for free after eight days post-debut. 

According to Fox, DISH Network is the first provider to release this feature, but "more are coming soon."

"We're concerned that cord-cutting is going to be a problem," said Fox President of Affiliate Sales, Mike Hopkins. "The more you enable it by putting content out there for free without any tether to a pay-TV subscription, the bigger that danger becomes."

"We understand that there may be consumers that are unhappy. If this works, you're going to see a lot more content online," Hopkins added.

This new feature will take effect August 15, 2011.

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