Complaint alleges Intel participated in cartel-like business pratices

Intel may end up in legal trouble with Germany's Federal Cartel Office (FCO) over anti-trust activities. Although no probe has been setup, reports say that Germany's FCO has received a formal complaint regarding Intel's business practices.

Just recently, DailyTech reported that the Financial Times Deutschland claimed that a well known reseller in Germany accepted monetary incentives from Intel to discontinue selling AMD-based products. Media-Saturn-Holdings, the parent company of several retail chains was alleged to have leaked a letter showing communications between it and Intel over exclusivity.

According to reports, the FCO did not say who actually filed the complaint. Some analysts say that the complaint relates to the Media-Saturn-Holdings situation. AMD did not say that it was the one that filed the complaint although the company admitted that it did speak with the FCO about Intel's business practices. AMD recently filed a complaint (PDF) and did mention about Media-Saturn-Holdings as well as US electronics retail chain Fry's Electronics participating with Intel in anti-competitive actions.

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