Ford isn't about to give up on MyFord Touch anytime soon

We’ve been reporting on the assaults on MyFord Touch for quite some time. Consumer Reports has repeatedly put MyFord Touch in its crosshairs, most recently saying that it "stinks". J.D. Power has also dinged Ford in initial quality rankings mainly due to MyFord Touch.
With so much negativity in the air surrounding MyFord Touch, it's no surprise that Ford has been kept on its toes responding to the criticism. Now, Ford's Global Marketing Chief, Jim Farley, is sticking up for the maligned infotainment system.

"We have an obligation to listen to feedback and do everything we can," said Farley in an interview with Automotive News. Farley went on to say that it would invest "whatever resources are required to make the system more usable."
Fields went on to say that all of the harsh criticism of MyFord Touch "won't change our commitment to being a leader in infotainment."
Farley also pointed to surveys that show that 56 percent of buyers indicated that MyFord Touch was an important part of their decision to purchase a Ford vehicle.

Source: Automotive News

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