Ford F-150's aluminum body
Other models may get the fuel savings of lighter weight thanks to aluminum

There are many ways that automakers can increase the fuel efficiency and performance of their vehicles. One way to achieve better fuel economy is to downsize engines, while another is to add hybrid componentry. Automakers can also choose to make their vehicles lighter to allow for improved fuel efficiency.
Ford took the “lightweight” route when it unveiled its all-new 2015 F-150, which replaced its steel body with extensive use of military grade aluminum. The move to aluminum shaved about 700 pounds off the F-150. Ford executives said this week that they are considering using more aluminum across the entire range of SUVs and other vehicles in the line.
"Obviously this is our first shot (at using aluminum in) a big volume vehicle and there's absolutely no reason why we couldn't think about taking it elsewhere," Executive Chairman Bill Ford told reporters after the press conference.
The copious use of aluminum in the new F-150 also makes the popular truck CAFE-positive for Ford for the first time. That means rather than counting against Ford for its overall fleet fuel efficiency standards by lowering the average fuel economy, the new truck works for the automaker. That is very important as manufactures work hard to meet CAFE standard that will only get tougher in the future.

2015 Ford F-150
By going full-bore with its most high profile, best-selling vehicle, Ford is hoping to quickly recoup its investment into aluminum. The next vehicles that would likely see aluminum infusions would be the company’s large SUVs like the Expedition and Expedition XL since they would benefit greatly in fuel economy from reduced weight. Where the company goes from there is anyone’s guess.
Ford also says that the new aluminum panels are more than just lighter than steel, they are tougher than steel and more resistant to dents.
Ford's new aluminum F-150 will go into production in Q4 2014 and will be in showrooms by the end of 2014.

Source: Reuters

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