Blocked Sirius radio stations  (Source: Ford)
Explicit radio stations can be blocked

Parents that purchase new model Ford vehicles for kids, or companies that supply vehicles for employees in the field are likely to take advantage of Ford's new MyKey feature. MyKey has controls for the vehicle that will allow the parent or employer to place limits on how the vehicle is used by the driver.

Ford has announced a new update to the MyKey system that adds in another way for parents to help ensure kids follow the rules when driving. The new update allows the blocking of certain satellite radio channels that have explicit content. The new feature will first be offered on the Ford Taurus and new Explorer with the feature rolling out to other Ford and Lincoln vehicles later.

“Ford wants to give parents peace of mind that their kids are following practical household rules in the car,” says Graydon Reitz, director, Ford Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering. “Parents obviously like this type of feature, and many teens are okay with it when they hear parents may give them the keys more often if the car comes with a technology such as Ford’s MyKey.”

The MyKey system already has the ability to limit speeds of a vehicle. The vehicle owner can limit it to 65, 70, 75, or 80 mph when the programmed key is used. The system also sounds a chime each time a speed level is reached. The MyKey system can also allow the car owner to force the radio to mute until front seat belts are fastened and can limit the radio volume to ensure that drivers can hear emergency vehicles.

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