Ford working with partners to remove technical hurdles for automated driving

Ford has announced that it has teamed up with MIT and Stanford University to develop solutions that will address the challenges that surround automated driving.
“To deliver on our vision for the future of mobility, we need to work with many new partners across the public and private sectors, and we need to start today,” said Paul Mascarenas, chief technical officer and Vice President, Ford research and innovation.
Ford has been working hard on automated driving technology already and its automated Fusion Hybrid vehicle uses some of the technologies that it already has in cars on showroom floors. That technology includes LiDAR sensors that are able to generate a 3D map of the vehicle surroundings.

Automated Fusion Hybrid Research Vehicle
Ford and MIT are working on advanced algorithms to help the vehicle learn to predict where moving vehicles and pedestrians could be in the future. 
Ford and Stanford are exploring how sensors might be able to see around obstacles. Ford says that the typical driver will maneuver around a line to allow them to see around obstacles like a big truck. The research with Stanford hopes to make automated vehicles be able to do the same thing to allow sensors to see what is ahead of the vehicle.

Split Screen: What the Car "Sees" and What the Driver Sees

“Drivers are good at using the cues around them to predict what will happen next, and they know that what you can’t see is often as important as what you can see,” said Greg Stevens, global manager for driver assistance and active safety, Ford research and innovation. “Our goal in working with MIT and Stanford is to bring a similar type of intuition to the vehicle.”

Source: Ford

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