Police in Florida arrest 6 in theft of credit info

DailyTech previously reported that a well planned  intrusion in late January compromised the credit database for TJX, parent company of retailers TJ Maxx and Marshalls.  The Associated Press today reported that six people in Florida were arrested on charges stemming from alleged involvement with the stolen credit card numbers.

The six suspects bought $8 million worth of electronics and gift cards from Wal-Mart.  The suspects went to retail store locations and purchased expensive items with the gift cards. 

Several Wal-Mart employees noticed that the same customers were using multiple gift cards -- with values up to $400 -- to pay for the expensive purchases.  The suspects did not use gift cards valuing more than $500 because they would have been forced to show identification.

The six arrested have been charged with one felony count of conducting an organized scheme to defraud, with four other suspected participants who have not been apprehended by Florida authorities.

TJX had to use $5M in resources to help investigate the data compromise.  The company now must deal with several lawsuits from both consumers and banks, with a large list of states also wanting to enter a civil investigation.

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