Old GM factory to be revamped for Project Nina production

Autoblog Green reports that Fisker is set to announce that Delaware will be the location for its U.S. manufacturing plant for its project Nina. According to reports, an old GM plant in Wilmington is the likely location for the new Fisker plant. Some of that $528.7 million loan Fisker received from the DOE in September will reportedly be used to refit the plant for the manufacture of the plug-in hybrid Fisker plans.

The deal is said to be 99% complete and Autoblog Green reports that the Governor of Delaware has confirmed that the deal is happening on local radio stations. Fisker's powertrain partner, Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, has also announced news. The company has announced a fuel-efficient, high-performance diesel hybrid powertrain called Q-Force.

The platform has reportedly been in development for the last six years. The platform is a JP-8 fuel compatible diesel engine with a series of hybrid electric military Alternate Mobility Vehicle (AMV) batteries. In one of the powertrain configurations, the diesel engine produces 75 horsepower and the electric motor produces 133 horsepower.

The much more impressive figure for the configuration is that it delivers 5,463 foot-pounds of torque. The system utilizes regenerative braking and has a Sophisticated Control and Data Acquisition System.

Alan P. Niedzwiecki, President and CEO of Quantum said, "Our innovative diesel hybrid electric all-wheel drive system provides high performance, acceleration and extended range, resulting in significant advantages for the U.S. Army in communications, surveillance, targeting, and reconnaissance missions. We believe that Quantum's Q-Force drivetrain is also very well-suited for commercial applications including homeland security, border patrol, park service operations, and light-duty automobiles."

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