Super Talent's DDR3 module
Memory manufacturer Super Talent partners up with Samsung for some of the first DDR3

Super Talent sends us word that it has completed construction of its first DDR3 prototype modules and will be the first to market for commercial modules. As a member of JEDEC, Super Talent is devoting engineers and time to defining and finalizing the DDR3 specifications.

DDR3 is set to be the next PC memory standard and the successor to DDR2 memory. It holds a number of technological advantages over its predecessor. Power consumption has been decreased to 1.5 Volts, while clock speeds have gone up. Currently, DDR3 frequencies range from 800 MHz to 1600 MHz.

The 512MB module that appeared on Super Talent's website late last night uses a Samsung SKU that has not been publically announced yet.

Physically, DDR3 memory is very similar to DDR2 memory. Both technologies use Fine-pitch Ball Grid Array for their chip package. In addition, DDR3 modules will also use the same 240-pin form factor. They will not, however, be inter-compatible as DDR2 and DDR3 memory chips have the middle notch located at different positions.

Although JEDEC as of yet still needs to finalize the specifications for DDR3, which are expected to be publically available mid-2007, Super Talent has already been busy working on DDR3 prototypes. The recently developed Samsung-based DDR3 prototypes are currently being tested by Super Talent on various test platforms.   

The first motherboards supporting DDR3 are expected to begin appearing once Intel’s Bearlake-family of desktop chipsets launches. The new Intel desktop chipsets will support both DDR2 and DDR3 memory, though both can’t be used at the same time. Intel has already begun sampling its DDR3 memory motherboards, though confirmed ship dates for the boards are still flexible. AMD is expected to adopt DDR3 with the release of its quad-core architecture.  

Super Talent expects to begin shipping its DDR3 modules long before motherboards supporting them are actually released. Current ship time is estimated at mid-2007, but the date is subject to change with demand.

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