Certification of 3.5GHz WiMAX gear to start in Q3 2008

The WiMAX forum announced today that it issued the first round of certifications for mobile products operating on the 2.5GHz frequency. So far ten products have received the “WiMAX forum Certified Seal of Approval”. reports that the certified products include base stations from Alvarion, Motorola, Samsung, and Sequans. Mobile modules from Intel, Samsung, Beceem, Airspan and ZyXEL have also been certified.

The WiMAX Forum says that over 100 products will receive certification by the end of 2008 and that it intends to certify more than 1000 products by 2011. Currently only products operating on the 2.5GHz frequency are being certified. However, the WiMAX Forum says that it will certify products operating on the 3.5GHz frequency and will begin accepting certification applications for 3.5GHz products in Q3 2008 with the goal of having certified 3.5GHz products by the end of 2008.

Ron Resnick, WiMAX Forum president stated, "We are setting an industry precedent by conducting certification in a way that has never been done before. To ensure interoperability for global operators and consumers, the WiMax Forum supports the end-to-end certification process, from equipment development to test equipment validation (to), finally, product certification. The WiMax Forum is the only consortium to certify base station equipment, which is key to ensure true network interoperability and a high quality of service among user devices and network equipment."

Certified 2.5GHz products should be operable on the Sprint and Clearwire WiMAX network here in America. Auctions for the same frequency spectrum in the U.K. haven’t completed yet so compatibility with future European networks is unknown at this time.

Sprint announced today that it was set to begin commercial trials of its WiMAX networks in Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and Chicago this fall.

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