The ECS RS485M-M Motherboard
ECS is the first out the gate with a working Xpress 1100 motherboard

ECS just announced the first motherboard based on ATI's RS485 chipset.  The ECS RS485M-M is also the first non-R580 motherboard based on an ATI chipset to support AM2. The Micro-ATX powerhouse is expected to give users looking to take advantage of AMD's new energy efficient AM2 processors without spending a lot of money on C51G graphics.  

ATI's RS485, or Xpress 1100, is nearly identical to RS482 also known as Xpress 200 and Xpress 1600.  Though we certainly do not understand or wish to understand the naming convention, the important feature of RS485 is that it is pin-compatible with ATI's upcoming RS690 chipset.  RS690 will be ATI's newest mainstream AMD chipset with integrated HDMI capabilities.

The ECS RS485M-M incorporates ATI's SB460 Southbridge, dual UDMA 133 ports, four SATA 3.0Gbps ports, and 5.1 channel Realtek ALC655 audio.  ECS has opted to for a single x16 PCIe slot, one x1 PCIe slot, and two legacy PCI slots.  Although AM2 processors are capable of supporting four banks of DDR2 memory, ECS has opted to only place a single dual channel pair on this motherboard. 

Unfortunately, the motherboard only supports 15-pin analog video output from the integrated graphics adaptor.  RS485 boasts the equivalent of a Radeon X300 IGP that can share up to 256MB of system memory.  The lack of any digital outputs sorely handicaps this motherboard, but there is one free PEG x16 slot.

Like all new ECS motherboards in the US and Europe, the RS485M-M is also RoHS compliant. 

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