New version of Firefox solves critical and moderate security risks

Mozilla’s popular alternative browser has gained another minor bump in version numbering with the release of The new update fixes just a couple of security holes, one of them critical and the other rated as moderate.

The critical hole patched in this new version is “unescaped URIs passed to external programs,” a bug that also affects the Thunderbird mail client. The moderate security fix solved the “privilege escalation through chrome-loaded about:blank windows” flaw, which also applies to Thunderbird.

Firefox users can download from Mozilla's homepage or use the auto update function within the browser. For those who like to live on the bleeding edge of browser software, the seventh alpha release of Firefox 3 should be available sometime later today.

Firefox has slowly but surely been gaining more acceptance among all Internet users. A recent report found that Firefox usage in Europe is nearing 28 percent, with some countries posting 47.9 percent adoption for the Mozilla browser.

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