Executive says consumers aren't willing to pay more for electric vehicles and might not be willing for a decade

The global powertrain head for Fiat and Chrysler, Bob Lee, recently said that while the two automotive manufacturers will be expanding North American lineups, EVs would not be a priority. Lee said that consumers aren't placing value on hybrids and EVs in enough volume to pay for the added cost of the battery packs, electric motors, and chargers.

Fiat 500e

"Many customers want to reduce CO2 but they aren't willing to change their lifestyle or pay the cost -- yet," said Lee. He went on to state that it could be more than a decade before consumers are ready to pay more.
While Lee may be correct that EVs may still have a way to go before they become mainstream in the U.S., companies like Toyota and Ford have no trouble pushing hybrid vehicles to the masses.
Fiat currently sells the 500e EV, but only in the state of California due to that state’s laws that force auto manufacturers to produce “green” vehicles.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is once again available with a turbodiesel engine 

Lee indicates that consumers have shown more of an interest in paying for smaller turbocharged gasoline engines and turbodiesel engines. Chrysler sub-brand Jeep is using a 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel in its revised Grand Cherokee and the same engine will find it way under the hood of the Ram 1500 pickup later this fall.
Chrysler has also developed a new nine-speed transmission that will be used across its family of vehicles to improve fuel efficiency.

Source: Auto News

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