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Ettinger died on July 23 of poor health in his home in Clinton Township, Mich.

For anyone who has seen the movie "Austin Powers," one of the most memorable scenes was Mike Myers being brought back to life after 30 years of being cryogenically frozen. Many people, especially Robert Ettinger, have wondered if this could actually happen at some point in the future. 

Ettinger, also known as the "father of cryonics," died July 23, 2011 at the age of 92. He had spent much of his life advocating the freezing of the dead in hopes of bringing them back to life one day.

His passion for cryonics began after he was severely wounded during the Battle of the Bulge in World War II. Ettinger spent a lot of time in hospitals, where a bone graft surgery saved his legs. This sparked his enthusiasm for preserving life through technology. 

In 1964, Ettinger wrote a book called "The Prospect of Immortality," which introduced the idea of cryonics. Then, in 1976, he founded the Cryonics Institute. His mother, Rhea Ettinger, was the first to be frozen in the institute in 1977. He has also frozen his two wives, Elaine and Mae. 

"If civilization endures, medical science should eventually be able to repair almost any damage to the human body, including freezing damage and senile debility or other cause of death," wrote Ettinger. "No matter what kills us, whether old age or disease, and even if freezing techniques are still crude when we die, sooner or later our friends of the future should be equal to the task of reviving and curing us."

The Cryonics Institute has 900 members, and it charges $28,000 to prepare a body and store it in liquid nitrogen at minus-321 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Despite ridicule, Ettinger continued devoting his life to cryonics and its possibilities. 

Ettinger died after weeks of poor health in his home in Clinton Township, Michigan, which is a suburb of Detroit. His body became the 106th to be placed in the Cryonics Institute. 

"My father devoted himself to doing what he could to enable his family, his friends and others to come back and live again," said David Ettinger. "Whether he will achieve that, nobody knows at this point, but we think he has a good shot."

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