Notifications of change start rolling out today

Facebook users are notoriously hard to please. Any time the social network tries to make changes, hoards of users take to the internet to complain. A new change that Facebook is getting ready to implement will undoubtedly make some users angry.
Facebook is set to remove chat/messaging functionality from the main iPhone and Android apps in favor of pushing people to install Facebook Messenger. Facebook has been working up to this change for a while with the main Facebook app replacing the chat button with a hotlink that opened the chat application for users with both apps installed.
There are a few ways to avoid mandatory installation of Facebook Messenger according to The Verge, including:
  • If you own an Android device too old to support the app
  • If you use Facebook Paper
  • If you use a Windows Phone or tablet device
While some users will certainly be upset over this, anyone who doesn't use chat much may welcome a cleaner main app with fewer notifications.
This move by Facebook makes a lot more sense when you take into account its major purchase earlier this year of WhatsApp

Sources: TechCrunch, The Verge

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