Ads will automatically play, but without sound

Anytime Facebook makes a change to anything on its incredibly popular social network, huge numbers of users cry foul. It's about time for people to be upset with Facebook again as new video ads are tipped to be coming to newsfeeds starting this summer. The ads are expected to begin showing up in your newsfeed in July.

The worst thing about these video ads is that they will automatically play for at least 15 seconds, and it appears that everyone's newsfeed will get them. The ads in your newsfeed will only play from one brand per day. On the plus side, the automatic video ads won't play with sound. If the ad is interesting, the user will have the ability to turn on the sound, which will start the video over from the beginning.

The ads played in the newsfeed are limited to 15 seconds long. So far, ads are confirmed to be coming from American Express, Unilever, Ford, Coca-Cola, and Diageo.

Sources quoted by Adweek also say that advertisers will be allowed to target one of four demographics. Exactly what those demographics are is unknown at this time. Presumably, the ads will be able to target male and female users and perhaps a couple of broad age group demographics.
Facebook reported a nice boost in mobile ad revenues during its last quarterly earnings and has its eyes set on squeezing even more money out of its huge user base with the new video ads.

Sources: Huffington Post, AdWeek

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