Curated news app is the first from Facebook Creative Labs

Facebook has rolled out some details on its new, curated news reading app called Facebook Paper. With a number of adults getting most of their news from Facebook, the app will go a long way towards providing users information with minimal distractions.
Paper uses human-curated content and content curated via an algorithm to create full screen articles and photos in specific categories. Paper gives the News Feed a new interface with the top half of the screen showing a large photo or video. The bottom half of the screen shows status updates and links to stories.

Users will be able to add sections to their paper, including Score, Headlines, Cute, Planet, Enterprise, Exposure, Flavor, and Ideas. Each of the sections has stories chosen by editors that were posted to Facebook by a publication, blogger, public figure, or other Facebook users.

In the beginning, everyone will see the same stories in the sections. However, Facebook is considering allowing the personalization of those sections so Scores would show stories about your favorite teams.
Paper will launch widely on February 3 and is the first application to sprout from the Facebook Creative Labs.

Source: Facebook

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