Redesign comes a year after Facebook's "major" overhaul backfired

Facebook seems to enjoy constantly tweaking its News Feed, which usually leads to a revolt from heavy users of the site. The company, which has been testing a new layout for New Feed for the past year, is now ready to reveal its latest group of changes.
While the updated News Feed layout looks familiar, there’s a bigger emphasis on photos. And instead of the all-white layout currently seen in the News Feed, the left and right sidebars now have a grey background.
This minor update comes a year after Facebook announced a more drastic change to the News Feed. Not surprising, users vehemently opposed the change, which left us with this watered down version.
Facebook indicates, however, that the mobile version of the site remains the same. However, for those that are looking for a more drastic change to the mobile Facebook experience, Facebook Paper is by far the best option on the market.

Unfortunately, Facebook Paper is currently only available for the Apple iPhone and it appears that the company has no plans to offer it to any other platforms (including the iPad).

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