Facebook puts a beat down on all comers in Q3  (Source: Facebook)
Facebook showed more ads than next four networks combined

The online ad market is generally expected to be dominated by Google by most analysts. That isn't necessarily the case according to new statistics that have been offered up by ComScore. ComScore has unveiled the numbers for display ads for Q3 2010 and the leader might be a surprise.

The numbers comScore offered up show that Facebook is the clear leader in display ad impressions for Q3. The company has 23.1% of the entire display ad market according to the numbers. That is up significantly from the 17.7% of the market the company had in Q2 2010 and twice that of Yahoo with an 11% share  of the market for Q3.

When you compare Facebook to the next four companies in the display ad market – including Yahoo, Microsoft Corp, Fox Interactive Media, and Google -- Facebook has more ad impression than the other four combined. One of the key reason that Facebook has may ad impressions during the quarter is that its CPM rate for ads is much cheaper than some of its competitors.

The ads on Facebook sell for about $1 per 1,000 impressions while the same sort of ads on Yahoo websites sell for $3 per 1000 impressions. Analyst Ken Sena from Evercore Partners points out that those cheap ad rates on Facebook are going up as more marketers make use of the targeted ads. He said, "It certainly is an issue for the portal sites. While you still have the sort of traditional display players benefiting from strong growth trends in display (advertising), social is probably taking a disproportionate share of that growth."

The display ad market is predicted to grow 13% to $8.56 billion in 2010. The total number of display ad impression generated by Facebook alone for the quarter was 297 billion. Those numbers include all types of graphical ads, but do not include stats for video ads. ComScore also noted that the average Facebook user spent five hours monthly on Facebook during Q3, up from three hours in Q3 2009.

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